Top 3 E-commerce Marketing Trends Audiobooks for Increase Conversion Rates

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3 E-commerce Marketing Trends Audiobooks for Increase Conversion Rates

It is always the best option to listen to the books to stay connected with the flow of your reading and listening. Audiobooks are now available in every genre and with digitization hitting the trend in every field they have also reached the e-commerce region too.

The internet has changed the manner the company is done by everyone. And, the manner we market it has altered in particular. It has extended your scope, enhanced customer service, and reduced company expenses, whether you operate B2B or B2C.

However, do you get the importance of your internet marketing platform?

You need a solid alternative that integrates seamlessly with your current business systems and is prepared for portable conversions to enhance and guarantee that clients expect quick and easy service. Do you happen to know that there are fresh and creative methods to further expand the advantages of using your internet retail channel?

Here we bring you the top 3 best books that will help you to increase conversion rates.

From .com to .profit

From .com to .profit

Image Source: Audible

Written by: Nick Earle

Rating 4.5/5

Year: 2000

Narrated By: Eric Conger

The correct technology is all it takes to construct a good e-business. An Internet storefront is rising and business capitalization of a company is going through the ceiling, despite small revenues and no revenues. However, now the Internet race is over. If Internet businesses are to survive, they must know how to produce sustainable value.

This novel offers strong company fundamentals that businesses need to shift from the ancient age of .com to the next age of .profit. Nick Earle, the guiding force behind Hewlett-Packard’s global Internet approach, and Peter Keen, a company and technology enthusiast, anticipated the internet trend.

Earle and Keen demonstrate executives how to improve logistics, strengthen partnerships, create products, convert equity and price systems, harmonize channels of distribution, and delivery facilities that are critical to providing value and revenues on the Internet.

Using instances from HP and other top businesses around the globe, the writer goes beyond Internet hype to outline strategic intervention in important computing, finance, and advertising fields. They provide all the helpful data, timely ideas, and practical recommendations executives need to develop company plans for the really working new economy in the process.

Drop shipping E-commerce in 2019

Drop shipping E-commerce in 2019

Image Source: Amazon

Written by: Chris Mcdonald

Rating: 4.7/5

Year: 2019

Narrated By: Curtis Wright

Drop delivery is an exceptionally constant book with some notable drop shipping data. You will be controlled by the book through the best way to handle the production of your company and the techniques you should follow when you start without preparation. The E-commerce industry is currently wide-ranging and very lucrative. It’s a nice way to create money online, and starting and scale-up are fairly simple, but it needs research and practice to be successful, just like in any other severe company. For this purpose, the objective of this novel is to educate you on how to make money online and set up a successful business  with a step-by-step approach.

The book offers great examples of business arbitrage, growth and important things that are needed for doing exceptionally well in the business. By following the simple tactics given in this book, the conversion rate could easily be increased for your website.


Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story

Epic Content Marketing

Image Source: Amazon

Written by: Joe Pullizzi

Rating: 4.9/5

Year: 2013

Narrated By: Joe Pulizzi

How are you cutting through the sound, shock and poor data that is cluttering the online room of your clients right now?

Joe Pulizzi, one of the major content marketing specialists in the world, describes how to attract opportunities and clients by generating data and content with which they genuinely want to participate. We can no longer interrupt our clients with mediocre content (and sales messages) that doesn’t matter to our customers.

Epic Content Marketing requires you step by step through the phase of creating narratives that educate and engage clients and compel them to behave without asking them to do so. Epic content, transmitted at the correct moment to the correct individual. We must remember once the customer is engaged with your content, you will always get benefited in terms of sales and conversion.


The right E-commerce audiobook will influence the readers to evaluate their needs and goals and customize projects with the least amount of disruption that will provide maximum value. You can take benefit of the recent developments while staying laser-focused on attaining your company vision by allowing specialists to manage your E-commerce requirements. So, Review These audiobooks will let you sail through the success of your business and will grow your business with the best outputs and best results with maximum satisfaction for all. Also check my Audible Review


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