Why people need a Blu-ray creator software?

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Thanks to the popularity of smart phones with the ability of shooting high definition videos, people nowadays use smart phones to record the merry moments of daily lives more than ever, e.g. from a birthday party, a family get-together, a wedding ceremony, or a traveling etc. After those HD videos being shot, most people then will go even further to process them, so as to share them with family members, or to watch on a home Blu-ray player.

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For the purpose of watching the videos on a home Blu-ray player, a piece of Blu-ray creator is needed to process the video. Technically, a Blu-ray creator software is a software tool that can turn personally videos into standard Blu-ray format and then burn the created Blu-ray video onto blank BD discs which are playable on a home Blu-ray player. Due to the facts that there are a lot of Blu-ray creator software products available on the internet, when choosing a possible candidate, several form factors should be taken into consideration.

The 1st and foremost thing we should pay attention is the input support. This means, we need to check what video sources that candidate is capable of processing. Normally, smart phone shot videos from Android are in the common MP4 format, and iPhone made videos could be in the MOV format, so the target Blu-ray creator software we are looking for should at least be able to support MP4 and MOV videos, other video formats like MKV, AVI, M2TS, TS, WMV, FLV etc should also be taken into consideration.

The 2nd form factor we need to think about is the operating system. This is to say, the candidate we are looking for should be able run on the system we have. Bear in mind that although there are a lot of candidates out there, that does not necessarily mean each of them has both Windows version, and Mac version, not to mention if you are running a Linux environment, which should absolutely narrow down your selecting scope quite a lot.

The 3rd thing we should consider is the output option. Normally, most of us will burn directly the output Blu-ray video onto blank BD discs, however, in very rare occasions, we might want to output the created Blu-ray video as an ISO image so that we can watch them on computer with a Blu-ray media player software. Hence, we may want to make sure that the candidate has the ability of not only burning the Blu-ray video onto blank BD-50 and BD-25 discs, sometimes even DVD-9 and DVD-5 discs, but also saving the final Blu-ray video as ISO image files saved on computer hard disk drives.

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When all the above mentioned factors are taken care are, then the only thing left is the quality and speed. As a matter of fact, the quality of the produced Blu-ray video should be most important thing we value, because without excellent video quality, that Blu-ray creator will be meaningless. And also the conversion speed should be in our concern list, too. If making a 30 minutes Blu-ray video takes us more than 2 hours to go, then we should probably consider other candidates with advanced technologies like multi-threading, multi-core CPUs processing, Intel Quick Sync, and NVIDIA CUDA hardware accelerating, etc.

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