2019 SEO and Internet Marketing Trends

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2109 SEO and Internet Marketing Trends

Change is always inevitable, you can’t run or hide away from it, you just need to adopt it. This is why even when things such as Google changes, people must also find a way to change and that means how they use it.

In short, a change in Google will most definitely spark a change in search engine optimization. If your concern is always to stay on top of your competitors when it comes to getting more traffic and keeping a good ranking on the web, then you also need to always be on the lookout for any emerging trends.

For that reason, therefore let us look at some of the things we should expect from SEO in the coming year as 2018 is coming to an end. See this link for more on SEO

  • Video optimization

Well, if you thought voice search was the only thing going to brake the internet, then you are in for a big surprise because videos are too. Videos have been used before, are currently being used and as I can tell they will continue to be used in future.

This is because they are continuing to grow as the most popular medium of passing information. When used properly, this can be a rich source when it comes getting customer traffic.

You might need an excellent video to do well in YouTube, but they won’t be ranked when they have not been optimized for carefully picked keywords. This is why you will need to have properly optimized videos to keep up with the competition.

  • Mobile-first indexing

In 2018, Google launched their mobile-first index. This means, websites were able to be raked depending on the UX quality provided on mobile devices.

If a website has both the desktop and mobile versions, the index will add a mobile one but if it only has a desktop version then it will be indexed just the same as normal sites. This only shows the importance of mobile SEO. It is important to have a website that will also be friendly to the mobile devices.

This will automatically increase your traffic otherwise, you will miss a lot. Click here to find out more about mobile SEO.

  • Voice Search Domination

At least we all knew this was going to be made possible at some point, right? Well, as most people kept talking about it, I guess the tech masters couldn’t ignore it neither.

As the mobile internet continues to grow bigger, it comes with certain functionalities that simplifies the way we use the gadgets. I’m talking about transitioning from typing to speech synthesizing.  Yeah! This is what the future is all about, right? And Voice search SEO might be the path to it.

Certain studies showed that by 2020, half of all the traffic online will be generating from spoken queries and as it seems one can tell that we are already on our way here.

Voice Search Domination

  • Quality Content Development

Of course, when you have a great quality content, you will have a better ranking on Google, right? However, as this might seem to be a common knowledge, some people still don’t know how you can have a “high quality content”.

Well, doing this is actually simple, all you need to focus on are the users of your content. Make sure your content satisfies their needs and offers even more. If you consider your users’ search intent when coming up with your content, you will end up having a great piece.

Always keep in mind that the internet is always dominated by those who are good at getting their audiences attention.

  • User Data Protection

Online security is always an important thing and therefore should be taken seriously. This might be the reason why the users were entitled to more control when it comes to their private information used by sites by the EU hence enacting the general data protection regulation.

However, in as much as this might be working, there are still some vulnerabilities that might be used by malicious individuals.

This makes it difficult for us to celebrate just yet although there is still room for improvement and most certainly the user data protection will increase by 2019.

User Data Protection

  • Great User experience

A website’s user experience can help you seal a good deal or lose it. This is why a good business owner who’s always looking to making some profits with his or her website will always ensure that their sites have a great user experience, popularly known as the UX.

This means having an intuitive design that is easy to understand and also doesn’t take much time to load. Since a website can give a better impression of your business than anything, make sure you have a good one as this is your business’s most powerful asset.


Internet marketing is always among the best tools to promote your business. This includes the use of social media, emails and SEO among others.

All of these have different strengths in promoting your business and therefore should be taken seriously when laying down marketing strategies. If you are a webmaster always looking to be a head of your competitors, watch for these SEO trends as they might be your chance to success.

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