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3 Ways Professionals Can Share Pictures With Clients

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3 Ways Professionals Can Share Pictures With Clients

Sharing images is an ultimate goal, especially when you are in the photography business. You have to send images to clients as early as possible. But sharing photos is a tough job. You need to look for file size, file security, transfer speed, and lack of tracking aspects. Otherwise, there are high chances that you will lose your clients. On the other hand, the same issue lies from the customer’s end. Clients share pictures to get a hard copy of photos quickly.

To deal with this issue, here we have mentioned the three most powerful sources to share pictures with clients;

  • Custom flash drives

For customers who rely on physical items, a flash or thumb drive is a perfect option. You just need to upload pictures in the drive and handover to your customer. Clients will download the important files in the system and forward them to the final stage of development.

Drives are a more user-friendly way to share photos digitally. But do not forget to make branded flash drives as a part of business assets. These will serve longer and store high volume data in the context of the size and picture quality. Even the flash drives boost your brand’s good as customers consider your business care for their data safety.

  • Cloud Services

Cloud storage is a great way to share data. Most photographers share high-quality images with the customer through various cloud storage services like DropBox, Google, Amazon S3, and more. If you are using a Mac in the photography business, you have a great opportunity to share photos with iCloud storage space with customers. It is a secured platform and keeps the backup of your images. But, there is a restriction that if you are using free iCloud storage space, you can send limited images or data up to 5GB. Otherwise, you have to look for a source that helps you to delete duplicate photos and save precious storage space on the cloud. Fortunately, it is not hard to get sources. A little search for a reliable tool can help you deal with duplicate photo issues.

  • Message Sharing Apps

There are various social media messaging apps, and you can use them to share photos. These are the quickest ways to send images. And, today, people are so active on social media apps that they click on images immediately. The best thing is, you can get an immediate response from apps such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, or others. But there is a downside of using many social media apps, and you can send only a limited number of files at one time. If the file size is larger or more than 16 images (depends on the application), you have to pick another slot. Even when you are using a Mac, you can share images on iMessage apps.

Which Is the Best Way to Share Photos?

Each of the methods mentioned above has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you have to look precisely and find out which method suits your business needs. Like when you are operating near your client, use flash drives. Cloud storage and messaging apps are great choices for distant clients. With these, do not forget to remove duplicate photos while sending. Otherwise, you have to deal with storage issues in every method of sending photos.

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