5 Successful Marketing Strategies Suitable For Every Entrepreneur

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The following marketing strategies are ideal for typical budget range and small business goals. Here is a list of business marketing strategies that work. If the question is how to start a successful business is one of vital for you, then the information provided will surely interest you. Well, maybe you think that all you need is a well-thought-out brand name and good products/services. Anyway, having only these two things in stock, it is quite possible not to achieve good profit. A suitable marketing plan and a good team are a few points for success.

Let’s talk about the best marketing strategies for effective promotion of your startup. The main feature of your promotional campaign should be the possibility of the constant growth of the project, then your startup will survive difficult life cycles.

So, what are the five global marketing strategies that are the most effective and low-cost for promoting your startup?

Strategy 1: Target Your Audience

Increasing the visibility and user base of your project, remember a simple thing – it is impossible, satisfying and entertain everyone. Your product/service should not please everyone. So, first of all, think about your target audience, develop a product/service for them. Organize promotions, remembering this special group of people. You must satisfy them.

Strategy 2: Advertise Your Business

Many newbies advertise their companies too aggressively. Be careful because it is dangerous, irritating potential buyers – you can lose them. It will kill both product and startup very quickly. Instead of this, make in-depth research for organizing an advertising campaign in the best way. First of all, to develop basic marketing strategies, as we have said, you need to remember the target audience.

  • Promotion in social networks

Social networks are around us. We use them more often than we eat. People even use them for playing free slots Australia or for other entertainments. This is a great tool for spreading your message. It is very important. Think like a user: always post quality content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or some other social networking platform. Your active social network life will allow you to attract customers. This will expand your audience and build a base of potential clients. If you can create blog posts often, you can share the necessary information in your field of activity. You can post special offers and advertisements on your Facebook page. All this can be very useful for your startup.

  • Guest blogging

This is one of the types of marketing strategies that offer you using links, redirecting traffic from other sites to yours. It must be remembered that if your content is unique and the web pages are selected correctly, guest blogging can be a good method for increasing your site traffic. You can join guest blogging platforms like My Blog Guest for interacting with other bloggers.

  • Upload multimedia files on YouTube and similar platforms

YouTube is a powerful tool for distributing promotional videos. Create well-designed explanatory videos for better interacting with your potential buyers. However, not all content will work. Create exciting, beautiful videos for people to watch.

  • Email marketing

An email marketing campaign is one of the best online marketing strategies to promote something. It is called the “gold standard of marketing.” News about product updates, special prices and discounts, and corporate news need to be sent to the customers. Let your letters be short and do not cause irritation. Think carefully about the subject of the letter, it should attract the reader.

  • Press releases

A press release is a short media ad for updates in your business, product or service, company reorganization, upcoming events, and so on. You need a press release to get immediate attention and increase the traffic. The mission of press release is to build a brand and name for your business.

  • Video advertising

In our fast world, people prefer videos rather than reading piles of texts. So advertising your products, service through an explanatory video or video acquaintance with the company is one of the right small business marketing strategies. Of course, you can hire a special company that will shoot a promotional video for you. However, many startups do not have the extra money for it. So the best way for this purpose is to use a platform to create a video or a slideshow that will produce a finished video in minutes.

  • Use question and answer sites

There are many online communities that interact with each other in marketing. These are Yahoo! Answers,,, All Experts and other marketing forums.

Do a little Google search and select a question and answer website or community to respond to requests from your customers. Answering questions related to your business, you will become a trusted resource in this area, and you will get many followers.

Strategy 3: Do Not Ignore the Search Optimization

Search Optimization

The next important step of marketing strategies is the optimization of the search process. It can not be ignored in the world of Google. Read tips on creating a good optimization process. This can be vital for your marketing campaign.

Google, one of the most popular search engines, can greatly help your business. As part of the Let’sPutOurCitiesontheMap initiative launched in 2015, it proposed to bring local businesses to the online world. Great news, because according to the BCG TheConnectedWorld report, companies that are represented on the Internet are growing 40% faster. Create an account in Google My Business and provide all the necessary information: opening hours, address, phone number, website address. Your company will begin to appear on Google Maps.

Search engine optimization is completely free but difficult. You will need to wait for the results of your efforts for a long time, but they are, after all, it is worth it. Picking keywords helps you understand which words and phrases your target audience most often uses when trying to find information related to your product or service. It is not easy for small businesses to compete with larger brands for popular demands. That is why it is better to start with rare and detailed formulations for which there is less competition.

Identify a list of relative keywords that can attract visitors to your site. Use GoogleKeywordPlanner or something else for this.

Think about the problems you are helping to solve your customers. Browse question and answer sites and pay attention to how users formulate questions.

Use all received keywords in your content to make it more accessible. Add them to the title tag, text, captions, image descriptions, and meta descriptions.

Strategy 4: Use Free Start-Up Platforms

Join start-up platforms to promote your business. Today, there are many inexpensive startups. Reddit, Y Combinator, are some examples. Since this list is quite large, we will not deep into the topic.

Strategy 5: Mind Three Large Catalogs

Another good way for promoting a startup is to register it on GooglePlaces, as this will give your campaign the opportunity to be visible in Google search and on Google maps. You just need to fill out a form, register and go through verification via mobile or email. Yahoo and Microsoft Bing have large business directories.

Regardless of niche and direction, every business has its own marketing strategy. This allows the entrepreneur to understand exactly what needs to be done for achieving a particular result. And is it necessary to say that a business with marketing strategies brings the owner income with a few extra zeros?

What are marketing strategies that appeal to you most? Is it difficult to choose? Then begin to implement the 5 ones that we talked about today. Use the proposed tools for creating a more accurate strategy. And then the result will not take long. Just act!


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