7 Most Used IDE for Android App Development

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7 Most Used IDE for Android App Development

An integrated app development environment empowers app developers to perform the software development cycle repeatedly and rapidly. The cycle is to designs, compile, debug, and package the app software. Besides, Best android app development company offers many facilities to developers and usually consists of build automation tools, source code, and debugger.

Further, here we have gathered the list of 7 most used IDE for Android App Development that offers a complete environment for Android developers to build out-of-box Android apps quickly:

  1. Eclipse IDE

It is open-source software and free to utilize. What’s more, it was published under the Eclipse Public License. Also, it has a large and active community that gives a broad assortment of plugins and configuration to build feature-rich applications. Moreover, it is very adaptable and provides full support for XML editors and Java language. Its graphical UI enables access to various commands line SDKs.

Features of Eclipse IDE

  • Provide support for more than one languages and operating system
  • Large community and user base
  • Extensive customization abilities
  • Integration with Git, Maven and other development tools
  • A large marketplace of plugins
  1. Intellij Idea

Also, it is the most prominent Android IDE with a clean, natural user interface. It exceeds at enterprise web and mobile application development utilizing Groovy, Java Scala, Kotlin many more latest frameworks and technologies available for app development. Furthermore, it comes with comprehensive documentation that is simple to navigate and get. There are a large number of plugins accessible for developers to perform almost any necessary task. These plugins are either produced by JetBrains or by third-parties via SDKs available to build specific plugins. Also, it uses a high-speed indexing procedure that gives contextual signs including auto-completion, and import suggestions. Plus, the community edition of IntelliJ IDEA can be obtained for free to build JVM and Android apps whereas its Ultimate Edition can be obtained at a cost for out-of-the-box web and business application development.

Specifications of Intellij Idea

  • Integrated build tools
  • Smart code completion
  • Inline debugging
  • Cross-language refactoring
  • Built-in decompiler
  • Data flow analysis
  • Support for enterprise framework
  • Language injection
  1. DeuterIDE

It is a feature-rich that empowers application development in plenty of dialects. This IDE supports more than 40 programming dialects and comes with a “Light Weight, Heavy Coding” notion. Plus, it makes a great utilization of virtual keys integration for generally utilized programming symbols. DeuterIDE offers various features, for instance, Dropbox sync, syntax highlighting and automatic indentation.

DeuterIDE makes great use of virtual keyboard by giving virtual keys integration for commonly used programming symbols. Also, it gives features such as syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, and Dropbox sync.

  1. Android Studio

This IDE for Android App Development developed by Google that allows developers to achieve what they need without leaving the IDE. The coding environment of this IDE simply likes some other Java IDE in terms of error checking as well as file hierarchy. Besides its code writing ability, Android Studio empowers developers to test applications using the Android Virtual Device Manager or by plugging the devices and utilizing Android Debugging Bridge.

  1. Xamarin.Android

It comprehensively utilized integrated environment development to develop Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications. It is the ideal platform to compose cross-platform apps using a single codebase. Developers can utilize Xamarin.Android and the complete Xamarin platform at no cost as it is open-source and published under the MIT license. Xamarin.Android uses C# to write the app source code and third-party libraries which enable developers to build applications rapidly.

  1. DroidScript

This IDE is very simple to use, portable coding tool that reduces the burden to develop mobile apps. It significantly enhances efficiency by accelerating growth by 10 times if compared to the normal IDE.

Its most recent version is able to access most of the features of a typical Android device such as a sending and receiving text messages compass, GPS, accelerometer and much more.

Also, DroidScript users can make the majority of a browser-based IDE, which permits building a connection between a PC and mobile device to use a full-size keyboard and large screen while executing the code on your Android gadget.

  1.  Unity 3d

This Android IDE is a game engine and IDE for cross-platform game development. It is easy to learn and comes with a large number of features for game development. While it is possible to create a game with Android Studio, Unit allows itself to that kind of work much more quickly will save you a considerable amount of time and headache.

So, these all are the Integrated Development Environment tools for Android App Development and you can choose one of them that is right for your work. Hopefully, you have been satisfied with an above-mentioned list and got a good introduction to some of the most necessary tools out there.

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