AOMEI Partition Assistant Review – Safely Partition Your Hard Drives.

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AOMEI Partition Assistant is a famous partition software for Windows in the market. Now its latest version 5.8 added two new functions named command line partitioning and quick partition. These two functions are free to use in all editions of AOMEI Partition Assistant while most other partition tools with these similar functions are paid. AOMEI Partition Assistant supports Windows 10 and add/updated more supported languages now: Dutch, Turkish, and Chinese Traditional, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Hungarian, etc.

Why we need AOMEI Partition Assistant?

I think one of the reasons is above two advantages. In fact, partition software is an essential system tool. Windows has its own partition program that is Disk Management, however, this program has too many limited that users have to find third-party partition alternative. Diskpart.exe is another solution of Microsoft Windows but it also has disadvantages, the main one is too complex to use. Long long ago, a famous third-party partition software called Partition Magic, which was developed by Norton. Unfortunately, when Partition Magic renamed to Power Quest, it almost stop updating. Since Windows 7, it can’t support well, so users give it up gradually. AOMEI Partition Assistant as an excellent partition software, overcomes all above disadvantages and has its own highlights. People need a new partition application to help them optimize system, so they try AOMEI Partition Assistant.

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Features of AOMEI Partition Assistant

Above mentioned AOMEI Partition Assistant has its own highlights, Windows to Go Creator is one of them. As its name suggests, this feature can create a Windows to Go – portable Windows 10/8. What is different to Windows 8 Enterprise’s Windows to Go is that this creator can be run on any Windows OS that you don’t have to buy Windows 8 Enterprise. With your own Windows 10/8 Bootable USB Drive, you can take it to everywhere you go. All this are owe to AOMEI Partition Assistant. Nowadays, more and more people upgrade to Windows 10, many of them also upgrade their hardware at the same time, for example, change HDD to SSD, then you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant migrate Windows 10 to SSD with its feature – migrate OS to SSD. This will save you lots of time and won’t cause data loss.

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Although the name of this function is Migrate OS to SSD, it also supports migrating from SSD to HDD. As you can see from above screenshot, functions of AOMEI Partition Assistant are:

Resize/move/merge/split/copy/create/delete/format/wipe partition

Wizards: extend partition, disk/partition copy, partition recovery

There are many other useful functions we hope you would like to download this free partition manager then try it yourself.

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