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Things you should know before upgrading to Windows 10.

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Windows 10 has been launched on 29th of July 2015. According to Microsoft 60 millions of PCs get upgraded to Windows 10 in a single day of launch. But the dilemma is that 60% of the users who are upgraded to windows 10 returned to their previous versions of Windows. This happens mostly with the windows 7 users who are upgraded to windows 10. People expect something unique and creative with windows 10 and Microsoft does provide it. But there are lot of issues that has to be sorted out and I think which is also the reason why users return to their previous version of windows.

Let’s check the issue’s which you may face after upgrading to Windows 10.

Performance issue

Many people and personally I also notice the drastic changes in performance of windows after upgrading. When I upgrade my PC to windows 10, it’s drastically slow down my PCs boot time as well as performance. In windows 7 it takes 10 to 20 seconds to boot up but in Windows 10 it takes almost 1 minute or higher to boot up. You will get a blank screen for a while when you boot up your PC which is really very annoying and disturbing.

Compatibility Issues

If you PC is very old or is designed for windows 7 only for example if you have any older model of Dell inspiron series below 660 models than you won’t get any driver update from dell or the product manufacturer as well. This will make some of drivers not compatible with Windows 10. If you have network drivers than you probably notice that your internet connection gets disconnected frequently and you have to login again. Many other Programs and software’s are still incompatible with Windows 10.

Issues with Microsoft Edge

The all new Microsoft browser looks great but the fact is that it still needs more improvement. The Browser auto close frequently which is very annoying and frustrated. Microsoft edge still have few bugs which has to be sorted out by Microsoft.

Security Vulnerability

Windows 10 indeed a next generation browser from Microsoft but it still highly vulnerable to viruses and malwares. Your PC gets infected very quickly if you don’t use an Antivirus program. Only using inbuilt Windows defender and Windows smart screen filter will not suffice. You have to use some leading Antivirus programs.

Final Verdict

As you all know that Windows 10 is very new OS from Microsoft and still have some bugs and compatible issues. So, It’s highly recommend that you should wait for few months before upgrading to Windows 10. This will help you to save your time. However if you still want to try windows 10 than sure go for it, But remember if you did not like it than you have only 30 days to revert back to your previous version of windows. Otherwise you have reinstall it.

Do share your experience and thoughts about windows 10 with us. Just drop a comment below. We love to hear it from you. Thanks for reading and keep sharing.


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  1. Very good idea to wait. It has been my experience to always wait for “bugs” to get worked out of any new software before installing them, especially where Microsoft is concerned. I limped an entire year with a failing Windows 7 Pro laptop before I ever replaced it with a desktop pre-installed with Windows 8, then waited a few months before upgrading it to 8.1.