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Are there live slots available or just live blackjack and roulette?

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The short answer is – yes! As well as live blackjack and roulette which have grown to be extremely popular, there are live slots available for slot lovers to enjoy.

Are there live slots available or just live blackjack and roulette

Most people either play slots at a land-based casino or online casinos and those are the only two options. However, a third option has emerged in the form of live slots and love lovers are welcoming it with open arms! Live dealer slots at have taken different elements from both online slots and slot machines in brick and mortar casino and combined them so players can experience the best of both worlds. Live dealer slots involve a live dealer playing the slot game on player’s behalf in a different location which adds to the entertainment of the game.

The slot machine in live dealer slots consists of a spinning wheel containing numerous prizes for players to be won, so they are a completely new format than traditional slot machines. One of the first and a very popular live dealer slots is Mermaid’s Fortune b Evolution Gaming. In this game, the live dealer wears a mermaid costume and the gaming screen itself is decked out with tropical mere-charm. This gives the game a particular charm and you can imagine why this is intriguing and entertaining for players especially mermaid fans!

One element of live dealer slots which is very popular with players is the ability to chat with the live dealer via a live chat box throughout the game-play while they take in the views of the tropical beach scene.

Although not all slot fans ate completely convinced, as traditional slot games don’t require a live dealer and they are more appropriate for games like blackjack and roulette, adding a live dealer to the slot game can make the game more appealing to players who like games with a social element. Players who enjoy human interaction whilst they play but can’t access a land-based casino, for example, are likely to enjoy live dealer slots. Plus, the spinning wheel transforms the game into something completely different and players who enjoy wheel-of-fortune style games will love this adaptation.

If you’re up for trying something different, why not give it a go? It’s certainly a style of game that all slot lovers should try, at least once. Rather than sitting and repetitively spinning the reels and waiting to see what the results are you can chat away and let the dealer do the spinning for you.

Live dealer slots are a truly unique gaming concept and they may well take off in the future with more players looking for unique games with human interaction. The good news is you can enjoy live dealer slots either on your desktop, mobile or tablet from the comfort of your own home or wherever you feel comfortable playing. However, if after giving live dealer slots a try you find they aren’t for you, don’t give up completely on live dealer games as live dealer table games are extremely popular and are well worth a try!

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