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Best iPhone Home Screen Widgets for 2022

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Best iPhone Home Screen Widgets for 2022

With iOS 14, Apple made significant changes to and revived the iPhone’s Home Screen by introducing widgets. And with the release of iOS 15, more applications are now able to make use of devices. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of the finest iPhone widgets that you really must have on your phone! If you want to transform your Home Screen into an information center or get important notifications directly on your Lock Screen, these widgets will be of assistance. So let’s get this party started.

  1. Widgetsmith: Best to personalize iPhone’s Home Screen

If you want to personalize relevant widgets and have them appear on your Home Screen, Widgetsmith is the ideal iPhone widget for you. For example, you may include the date, the weather, and even activity/goals in a device to help you get the most out of your experience. In addition, it provides you with the opportunity to experiment with different layouts, styles, and photographs while selecting your chosen widgets. Adding even more personalization to your Home Screen is possible by arranging various widgets to display at specific periods of the day or week. For example, it is possible to set a device to show your calendar in the morning, the weather in the evening, and reminders for the following day, at night. Small, medium, and significant are the three choices available to you when selecting the display size for your widgets.

  1. Sports Alert: Best for sports news/alerts

Using this customized widget, you can keep track of your favorite sports. Viewing live scores, news, or alerts for all major sports, including the NBA, NFL, tennis, golf, and many more, are possible. You will enjoy its excellent aesthetics, and it will look great on your Home Screen. You have the option of selecting one of three widget sizes: small, medium, or significant, depending on the amount of information you want to show. For example, if you wish to view all of the live scores for the specified league, you may choose the huge widget size. Depending on your mood, you may switch between clubs and sports as often as you wish.

  1. TripIt: The most effective travel planner

Is it necessary to travel from one location to another as part of your employment responsibilities? TripIt will assist you in organizing your travel arrangements and ensuring that you arrive on time. The custom widget of this travel-planning tool allows you to view all of the relevant information about your trip at a glance. You can see your flight number, departure/arrival time, and terminal number in the tiny amount of space available. Depending on your method of transportation, you may organize the critical information that will be presented. Once you arrive at your location, you may edit the widget to display data such as what’s next on your schedule, hotel check-ins, business appointments, and so on.

  1. Calm: It is best to maintain your calm

In this hectic schedule, you can find a few minutes to rest at various times throughout the day. This meditation software will lead you through simple breathing exercises, encouraging tales, and more. Download it now! The widget is designed to remind you of fun, stress-relieving activities that you should participate in during the day. The modest phrases and reminders, as well as the aesthetics and light backdrop, will brighten your day and serve as a gentle reminder to do the exercises. As time passes, the app assists you in seeing yourself as a more level-headed individual.

  1. Bears Countdown: The most effective way to recall significant occurrences

The most excellent iPhone widget that shows the Countdown to upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and vacations is just what you need to keep yourself enthusiastic and pleased. It is for this reason that Bears Countdown must be installed. To match your preferences, you may change the color and bear the picture in the countdown pop-up. The countdown theme may be customized based on the kind of Countdown. You may also customize the bear’s size and the timing of the countdown pop-up. Slip in some remarks or suggestions for each event to make your widget appear more intriguing and thorough, and you’re good to go.

  1. Apollo for Reddit: the best widget for trendsetting individuals

I’m hooked to Reddit, to the point that I follow hundreds of subreddits to satisfy my need. So, believe me when I say that Apollo is a godsend for folks like myself! It’s a lot of fun to choose between single posts, multiple posts, post feed, backgrounds, subreddit shortcuts, and jokes as iPhone sharing home screen widgets. Apollo developers must have read Reddit posts for a lengthy period to make such an app. There are many useful widgets, but some of the most useful include the jump bar and customizable motions, the influential Markdown composer, the supercharged Media Viewer, and so on.

  1. Day One Journal: This is the best option for pupils

I’ve been keeping a diary for quite some time now. And if you get into the habit of journaling your way through life, you’ll want to embellish your entries with images, movies, drawings, and even audio recordings. The iPhone widgets for Day One Journal offer me all of this and a lot more. Four different widgets are included to assist you in jotting down your narrative a bit more effectively. The ‘On this Day’ and streaks features are my favorites, if only for the fact that they are so comfortable. I am confident in this function since it secures all of my data with biometric security, even the widgets!

  1. Spotify: The best iPhone Home Screen widget for music enthusiasts

Add the Spotify widget to your home screen if you’re always listening to your favorite tracks. This will provide you with rapid access to your music collection. Devices are now available in two different styles. Everything you’ve lately played and your favorite songs will be shown. This makes it simple to return to whatever you were listening to with a simple touch on the screen. In addition to being the most famous music streaming service, Spotify also has a wide variety of songs and podcasts from all around the globe to choose from.

  1. Spark from Readdle is the best option for freelancers.

Spruce Mail is one of the most user-friendly email clients available, with an intelligent inbox, easy search, and several customization options to meet your specific requirements. In addition, the email client’s iOS 14 widget has been updated with more intelligent features. Like the other applications in Readle’s suite, Spark Mail is a quick learner and quickly becomes a favorite. You may either settle with a modest widget that displays just the number of emails in your inbox or examine a list of the most recent emails. And that’s not all; other widget choices, like a calendar and a Today View, are also provided.

  1. Documents are the best option for enterprises.

Are you the kind of person who works on many projects simultaneously and needs a million papers to be available at all times? Then Documents is one of the most excellent third-party iPhone widgets for you, and it is available for free. This widget allows you to quickly access practically any kind of content, including music, documents, photographs, movies, and books, with a single click. The picture-in-picture mode has significantly expanded the utility of the program. Include alternative widgets for Music, Recents, and Actions on your home screen, experiment with your selections and keep your home screen well-organized.

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