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Do we use our mobile phones to make shopping decisions easier

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When you head into any kind of retail or department store, you will be used to seeing people on their phones. Most of us presume they are asking their friends or family members if X purchase for Y price is a good deal. Often, though, they are using their smartphones for information. indeed, according to research from, we use our smartphones to influence as much as one in three decisions in a store, and this is set to grow.

From looking at other reviews online to trying to find a better deal around the corner, the internet allows us to make real-time retail choices like never before. On top of that, we will also use it to help compare prices or to find out the longevity of the product. Indeed, while “only” a third of our buying decisions are made this way, the stats show that just 1 in 5 people will NOT use their mobile phone inside of a physical shop to find out some deciding details.

With over 60% of smartphone users having made at least one eCommerce purchase using their mobile device in the last six months, too, this is by no means a slow trend. You can expect to see even more come from using a mobile phone in the near future: these numbers are only set to go upward as time goes on.

It’s thanks to this, then, that we can see just why so many people love to use their mobile devices. They aren’t just sending a selfie to their friends: they mare one of the two plus billion mobile internet users looking for more information.

With mobile commerce here to stay, too, it’s surprisingly easy to see why mobile phones are going to make shopping decisions so much simpler. As phone technology improves, more features such as image recognition will allow us to take pictures of something we want, and then find the best price online using a comparison shopping service. With all that information at hand, why not use it?

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