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Easy Steps to Export Mulberry MBOX Files in Batch into Outlook

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Easy Steps to Export Mulberry MBOX Files in Batch into Outlook

This article will walk through the proper process for converting Mulberry MBOX messages to PST format, which is available here. Continue reading below for further parts that will teach you how to convert Mulberry MBOX to PST format files for Outlook.

Learn how to convert Mulberry MBOX files to PST

Email programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, and others use the flexible Mulberry MBOX file format to store their messages. Nonetheless, users need to understand how to convert Mulberry MBOX files to PST files for important reasons. Using the correct techniques to export Mulberry MBOX to PST files is covered in detail in this article.

Outlook is a widely used email software that is being utilized by more and more users worldwide. Its exceptional services and updated features are the main reasons for its attraction. Comparatively speaking, Outlook offers more features than other email programs. Email users have taken into consideration the following options and exported their data to Outlook PST.

Why Do Users Convert From PST to Mulberry MBOX files?

Although each user can start the Mulberry MBOX to PST conversion for different reasons, there are many reasons why people start this procedure. Because of the disadvantages of the Mulberry MBOX file format and the advantages of the Outlook PST file format, users are advised to convert file types. Here are some options that are possible:

  • MS Outlook is more cost-effective and functional than email systems that support the Mulberry MBOX file format.
  • Unlike Outlook PST files, Mulberry MBOX files require an internet connection in order to function.
  • Due to their lack of sophistication, businesses do not favor email apps that utilize the Mulberry MBOX file format.
  • Problems with file lockout in Mulberry MBOX are frequent and prevent users from accessing data.
  • Compared to its rivals, Outlook, being a Microsoft product, has more security measures.

Suggested Techniques for Exporting Mulberry MBOX Files to Outlook

Switching from one email client to another to access the inbox has become commonplace, and converting Mulberry MBOX files to PST is no different.

Answers to the question “How to Convert Mulberry MBOX to a PST File” usually include two options:

Techniques to Convert MBOX Files

  1. Using technology in a more sophisticated way is the manual method of exporting Mulberry MBOX files to the PST file format.
  2. Automated Mac OS X Mulberry MBOX to Outlook PST Converter Software

A Simple Process for Transforming Mulberry MBOX Emails to PST

  • Save emails from Mulberry MBOX as EML files.
  • Saving Mulberry MBOX messages into EML files is really easy! The steps to use Thunderbird are listed below:
  • Open the Mulberry MBOX email client to get started. From a folder’s context menu, choose “New Folder,” then give it a name and hit “Create Folder.”
  • Move the EML messages you want to migrate to the newly formed folder after selecting them.
  • After every email has been moved, pick each one individually and choose “Save as.” This will store them in EML format at whatever location you want!
  • Store emails in a separate folder.
You can quickly export several emails from various folders to an external folder by using an add-on!
  • Choose “Install” when you reach the software installation wizard.
  • Restart Thunderbird after installing the add-on.
  • Restart Thunderbird, choose a folder, and execute a right-click on it.
  • Open the ImportExportTools NG menu and choose Export all messages in the folder in EML format.
  • Choose a target folder at the end to store the EML file.
  • Drop the EML files into Outlook; that’s all.
Using Microsoft Outlook to see your EML emails is easy. Just adhere to the instructions listed below:
  • To access your EML emails, open the folder containing them.
  • Just pick every email, then drag and drop it into any Outlook folder.
  • Use an automated tool to convert Mulberry MBOX to PST files and export emails.
  • Find the File > Open and Export > Import/Export option in Outlook.
  • Tick next in the Import/Export window after selecting Export to a file.
  • Hit it off next after selecting an Outlook data file (.pst).
  • Click next after navigating to the directory containing the EML files.
  • To finish the procedure, click Finish after entering the destination location for the just-produced PST file and selecting your desired choice.
  • The designated directory will see the creation of a new PST file.

Methods for Converting Mulberry MBOX to PST Using Email Clients Without Difficulty

Step 1: Import your mailbox information into Apple Mail.

  • Make use of Apple Mail on your computer.
  • Access the File >> Import mailbox menu.
  • Click Continue after choosing the source for the Mulberry MBOX file.
  • Click Continue after choosing the Mulberry MBOX file from the Browse Location option.
  • Click done after the import is finished.

2. Establish a mailbox using Eudora

Give the imported file the Mulberry MBOX file extension. For example, Mulberry MBOX has to be changed to Mulberry MBOX .mbx.

  • Move this into the folder for Eudora. The default location of the file is “C: Documents and Settings User Application DataualcommEudora.”.
  • Double-click the Mulberry MBOX.mbx file in Eudora after opening it, and then exit the program.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • Choose File >> Import >> Messages, Now.
  • Click Next after choosing Eudora from the list of email clients.
  • Click OK after navigating to the preferred place for the “.Mulberry MBOX” file. Lastly, select Next>>Next >> Complete local folders in Outlook Express can be used to access imported data.

4: Transfer mailboxes from Microsoft Outlook to Outlook Express.

  • Please make sure that MS Outlook is installed correctly before attempting to create a PST file.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook in order to export data.
  • Go to File>>Import and Export now.
  • The next step is to select import from “another file and folder.”
  • Click Next after selecting Import Emails and Addresses from the Internet.
  • Select “Windows Mail or Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, or 6.x.” Click next after selecting the file in the browser to import and export.
  • After the procedure is complete, choose to finish.

Outlook allows the user to find the imported mailbox. Users have two options for exporting Mulberry MBOX files to PST files: automatic and manual. But before we draw any conclusions, let’s look at the drawbacks that customers frequently experience with manual techniques.

The drawbacks of manual techniques

The following are the drawbacks of using manual techniques to convert Mulberry MBOX to PST:

  • Manual processes take a lot of time.
  • It is possible to modify data while carrying out this job.
  • Calls for specialized knowledge and technological skills.
  • Does not allow for numerous conversions of Mulberry MBOX to PST files.

When converting Mulberry MBOX files to PST, one might use a third-party solution that is quick, easy to use, and effective to avoid such situations. Mailvita MBOX to Outlook PST Converter Software for Mac is available for download and trial.

Using Mailvita MBOX to Outlook PST Converter Software for Mac.

Convert required Mulberry MBOX files and folders with email and attachment authenticity using one of the most advanced and dependable conversion tools to convert Mulberry MBOX files into PST format. Contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, and additional email labels and folders can all be exported.

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