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Five Most Advanced Technologies in 2020

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Did you buy something at the beginning of 2019? Has it turned obsolete already? We understand that spending money on any kind of technology is planned as a long-term investment and it isn’t a nice feeling to see that it has turned obsolete. The five most advanced technologies in 2020 are here.

The year 2020 has been something of a roller coaster with the start of a new decade accompanied by a global pandemic. In the days of coronavirus, technology now is more important than ever, it has changed our lives and keeps on doing so.  

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Importance of Technology

As to why advanced technologies are growing increasingly important, it is because of the technological revolution we are going through at this time. Accessibility is diminishing, given the scenario prevalent throughout the world. However, to live our lives properly, we have to accept the fact that technology has become an integral part of our lives and has an impact on our day-to-day lives. Our lives are evolving around the real, the simulated, the technological web, and the virtual aspects. There is a possibility that in the future technology will be as important as food if that isn’t already the case. From 5-year-olds to 95-year-olds, we all lie under one basic umbrella – technology. Living without technology at home would be the equivalent to living under a rock. To overcome both the problems of inaccessibility and obsoleting of our existing technology, here are the ways you can upgrade yourself.

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

This has been the most discussed and continuously upgraded technology year after year. The hype does not die, the applications keep rising. Computing systems are programmed to mimic human intelligence, and almost every individual is in touch with it in some way or the other. Navigation apps, smartphone personal assistants, these are just the beginning. There is an unlimited scope with a plethora of possibilities under this; artificial intelligence is going to determine the way we live in the coming future. It is already clear that this includes a complex network of interconnected electronics and computing language that imitates a human brain. Day by day, bots are being created, which are increasingly resembling humans.

  1. Synthetic Media:

Synthetic media has the literal capability to create the next generation of celebrities with the help of deepfake technology and artificial intelligence. A huge phenomenon of super-realistic, artificially generated photos, voices, and videos might literally shake our belief on what is real and what isn’t in the coming years. A person created through synthetic media might be popular throughout the globe, but may not even exist in person – that’s what we are talking about. This helps in protecting identity and sharing information at the same time and helps to tape shows or videos that can not be done due to some unavoidable circumstances. Finally, synthetic media will help keep a balance between the demand for media products and privacy because it has all been created to simulate artificially.

  1. Robotic Process Automation:

The automation of jobs is what we are going to see in this era of technological gadgets and how to deal with them. Increasing efficiency and decreasing the amount of time taken, the jobs of RPAs are to automate business processes like handling information itself, processing transactions, and replying to emails, etc. Basically, they automate the repetitive tasks people are used to doing, cutting off monotony from their daily life. RPA also finds its way through computer programming, some AI, and machinery in the required style.

  1. Edge Computing:

There was a time when cloud computing used to look fascinating. With accessibility to the Internet and major players like Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure taking it over to new levels and dominating the market, technology at home has become mainstream. The adoption of cloud computing still grows, but it is no more emerging technology news. Edge computing lives on the edge, i.e., closer to where the computing needs to happen. It bypasses the latency that is caused by cloud computing and gets the data to a singular center for processing, giving the advantage of processing data in areas of almost zero or limited connectivity that are time-sensitive. Edge computing comes to play in these remote areas like mini data centers. The quantity of data keeps on increasing, too – notifying us about the shortcomings of cloud computing and why edge computing is, in a way, better.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

While virtual reality (VR) believes in immersing the user in a virtual environment, augmented reality (AR) enhances the already existing reality. This is one of the perfect examples of technological evolution, how technologies change our lives, and technology at home.

VR is used for giving their users a simulated real-life feel about gaming, movies, and even training thus far. Pokémon Go would be the perfect example of augmented reality.

The scope of VR and AR is huge. It can be used in training, entertainment, marketing, rehabilitation as years go by and as they keep developing.

As much as we keep talking about the technology we use, keep in mind that we cannot lose touch with the natural environment around, because it will make a negative impact on our physical and mental health. Technology is supposed to aid us, to help us, and not engulf us. As the proverb goes, too much of anything is bad. Virtue lies in the middle, so bring yourself one or all of these forms of technology, have fun, learn, but do not lose yourself in the process. Keep looking out for all the technologies in the future and never lose out on balance between the real and virtual worlds.


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