How Shopify Discount Banners Can Boost Your Business

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How Shopify Discount Banners Can Boost Your Business

We live in an era of technology. One of the biggest gifts of technology is the internet. The Internet has made our life so much comfortable. We all have got so used to it and most of our time; we spend behind the digital screens. Be it booking tickets for the movie, shopping, paying bills, or getting the latest information on what is going around the world, you can always trust the internet.

With the growing trend of staying behind the screens, one of the biggest changes that we all have felt in our life is the lack of need to step out of the home.

If you ask me what I prefer to do when I am at home, I would say shopping. Of course, it is the favorite time pass for any girl in the world. However, do you know that what attracts the most during shopping-amazing discount offers?

Be it any website, one of the things that attract anyone is the discount that the site has to offer. Well, who doesn’t want more for less! Let me tell you that adding discount banners can benefit your business in the long run and has boosted your sales as compared to the sites that do not display banners to promote their offers.

Let me tell you how to schedule a discount banner Shopify can make a difference!

It is visually appealing

One of the most important that works in the success of any site is its looks. Yes, everything is about presentation. Adding banners to the store makes it look attractive. It gives your site an appealing look and feel. One of the biggest reasons that encourage people to shop and become your customer is the way you present yourself and thus adding discount banners is a great way to enhance the presentation of your site and lure the customers.

So, what is the harm in luring the customers towards your site by creating a beautiful site, if it increases your sales and boosts your business?  You can easily make your site visually appealing by adding cute banners and not pay a penny for it!

Unbeatable marketing tool

Well, who knew that discount banners can act as a great marketing tool and lead to an increase in the sales in your E-commerce store? As I have already told you that offers attracts the visitor that lands on your site. It increases the chance of visitors buying from your store rather than just checking it out. When you add a discount banner on the home page of your site, everybody sees it and everybody loves discounts. When they see the amazing discount offers that your site has to offer, they will shop off from your site, even if they had not planned to do so.

So this by increasing your sales, it acts as an amazing marketing tool just like banners you see on streets, or a newspaper ad.

If you have it, flaunt it!

Now many of the E-commerce businessmen do not understand that why it is important to have discount banners to flaunt your offers. So, the answer is pretty simple here. Most of the visitors that have landed on your site for the first time, will not surf through your whole website.

According to a survey, 83% of the visitors just go through the home page of the website to create an overview impression of the same. So, if you fail to flaunt your offers on home-page, then you are losing 83% of those prospective buyers that could have lent a hand in increasing your sales.

How to add a discount banner on your Shopify store?

So, when there are so many benefits of getting discount banners, I am sure that you guys must now want to know that how to add discount banner Shopify. Just follow these simple steps for adding a discount banner!

Go to the theme editor

This option can be found under online store> themes>actions>edit code.

If your website is getting live traffic, then it is highly recommended to make a copy of your live theme and work in the unpublished theme to avoid breaking anything into your live site.

Add a new section

Looking at the sidebar on the left of your theme editor. Go to the “sections” header; click “Add a new section” and enter the name “Discount banner” in that pop-up that appears.

After this step, do not forget to delete the default code that Shopify puts into your new section.

Paste the code

Select and paste all the code into the new section. After you are done, your screen should like the screen of developers filled with codes!

Open the theme.liquid in your theme editor

Next, you will find a theme. Liquid near the top of the sidebar, inside of the layout folder.

Add this line of code

Once you are inside the theme.liquid start looking for a code that looks something like this:

{%section’ header’ %}

It can be called this, or something similar according to your theme, but it will for sure have the word ‘header” in it. All you have to do is to copy and paste {% section ‘Discount-bar’ %}, above this code! Once you have done all these above-mentioned steps, you are all set for the last step.

Open the theme and set up your discount banner

Well, congrats! You have successfully created your announcement bar. Open your theme settings (online store>themes>customize), and there you have successfully created a new section for your home page entitled “Discount banner”.

Now, all you have to do is to make the discount banner look attractive and presentable, so you can choose the message, fonts, links, and colors that you want to put out for your prospective buyers.

Final thoughts

So, now you know the amazing benefits of adding a discount banner to your site and how it can increase your sales. It acts as an amazing promotional tool as well for which you do not require to pay a single penny.

There are many other marketing and promotional tools for sure, but you need to pay them and most importantly you never know whether your prospective buyer will ever watch. So, why waste money when Shopify discount banners are here to increase your sales, without charging a single penny!

Make sure to give Shopify discount banners a try! Trust me it works! What do you think about this post? Did I miss out on any important point related to the Shopify discount banners? If yes, please let me know in the comment section below!


Author Bio:-

Alex Daro I am Alex Daro founder of Newclick. I am an Internet Technology Consultant with a strong passion for the web. Previous SWE at Marvel Studios, AOL, and, Digital Domain. I am currently consulting for media and e-commerce startups advising and developing key, strategic technology decisions. I have worked on many projects ranging from pipeline automation at Marvel Studios to developing websites and APIs for Google, Amazon, and The Huffington Post.

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