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Improve Your Business With Cloud Services

by Team Techcolite
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Improve Your Business With Cloud Services

Is your business storing its vital data through cloud services? If no, then there are many benefits that your business is not enjoying. Here is how to improve your business with cloud services:

  1. Scaling Infrastructure

One of the fastest developing cloud technology applications is scaling infrastructure. Web-based commerce has an unexpected increase in popularity and server loads that are inherently unpredictable. They have the capability to overload native servers, cutting the clients’ access at the most critical time. Scaling of cloud-based infrastructure allows failover systems to automatically kick in when the host server overloads.

Cloud-based infrastructure is inexpensive, efficient, and responsive to demand. Through paying only for the required server load, your data management expenses can scale with use, offering the most least-cost answer for your business. Through this technology advancement, it is no longer necessary to pay for large local server space. The MongoDB serverless platform is a prime example of an enterprise level database service that operates on the cloud.

  1. Cloud-based Office Systems

In 2018, almost every business is in search for work environments that are collaborative. Office platforms that are based on the cloud like Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite offer better support for projects that are group-based than native programs through letting multiple users work simultaneously, with all adjustments reflected on a real-time basis across devices of an unlimited number.

Documents that are found on office systems that are based on the cloud reflect adjustments by all users immediately, giving room for a significant shift in collaboration between staff members. These digital workspaces to a large extent reduce IT professionals’ responsibilities in the management of IT infrastructure. Hence, resources such as money and time are free to be used for larger projects like data analysis. In case the employees in your business still share documents via email, improve efficiency by moving to a platform like G Suite.

  1. Remote Work Stations

Office systems that are based on the cloud are responsible for driving office environments that do not depend on location. Since employees can collaborate via cloud services, it offers them the support and flexibility to continue or start projects while away on trips and conferences. Other cloud-hosted services like Skype maintain open communication lines between managers and collaborating groups.

This assists your business to reduce many costs linked to traditional workspaces. Cloud services also eradicate the social barriers for employees with infants or a disability, offering the opportunity for a workforce that is more inclusive. Experts estimate that 50 percent of the workforce will operate remotely by 2020. Through the implementation of remote workspaces, your business will gain a competitive edge.

  1. Backups and Recovery

Both small and big businesses are facing challenges associated with information security. When the threat grows, a small IT department is unable to handle the problem and the business will incur additional costs to tackle the threat. According to Better Business Bureau, 65% of businesses cannot remain profitable for over three months after the loss of vital data.

A data storage that is based on the cloud assists to tackle this security issue through the construction of additional data similar to the original data into the database management system of a firm. Security breaches are avoided through hybrid systems that enable real-time backing up of data to the cloud. This allows firms to reduce reliance on physical database systems and hands-on back up.


If your company is still relying on physical storage infrastructure, there are a lot of risks that can affect the sustainability of your business. Moving to a cloud infrastructure platform can ensure sustainability and continuity of your business.

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