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Keep in Mind When Creating an App like Snapchat for Millennials

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Creating an App like Snapchat for Millennials

There are so many apps lately that have taken the tech world by storm. They all vary in category and purpose, but what is an app if not for the maximum number of users downloading it. Apps today can only thrive based on reaching its maximum number of downloads. According to statistics, millennials are by far the biggest addicts when it comes to checking their phones. So that’s where your target lies; to create a great app, catering to the needs of its biggest users.

But what does it take to create an effective app that relates to the biggest platform of audience? Millennials are the sole heirs to using apps in this day and age, but it would be a pity to create an app and then see it crashing down. So remember, when taking an active part in brainstorming about how to create an app that works, you need to think about who you’re making it for.

Apps that are shepherds to the flock

Have you ever wondered what apps make and break the tech world? If you’ve noticed, most apps used today, are downloaded by millennials. When attempting to create the perfect app, you need to ask yourself what the youth today are into, what it is they’re after and what exactly pleases them. Millennials today love to be seen and heard. They love the social platform that opens doors to opportunities. They love the most basic things like camera filters and social platforms to show off their skills.

To think about it, the most downloaded apps by millennials are ones like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. the youth today live for fashion and trends. So when you try to Create App Like Snapchat, you need to keep in mind the following subcategories they go for, like

  • Health and fitness
  • Social networking
  • Travel blogs
  • Finance
  • Chats
  • Fashion
  • Dating sites

To create the perfect app for the maximum number of users, you need to step into the mind of a millennial. As a millennial yourself, you can relate to the needs and wants of what other youth are looking for. It may not be an easy task, but you need to get into the little details that would make your app great.

What features to consider when attempting to create an app like Snapchat for the youth

What features make an app great? Whether you’re trying to Create App like Snapchat, you must be well equipped with knowing how to make the most engaging features for your app. For millennials, it’s all about keeping things fresh and indulging. Let us consider the features of one of the leading applications of today, Snapchat. Its features include:

  • Capturing images
  • Filters
  • Streaks
  • Sharing stories
  • Adding to other stories
  • Search bars
  • Memories
  • Shazam
  • Save option
  • No screenshots
  • Geo-location

Capturing Images

You are allowed to take high-quality pictures with the capturing snaps feature. After you click a picture it allows you to make little tweaks with enhancing the quality or color of each picture.


If you’re looking to create apps like this, filters go a long way. Make sure the app you create has a great stock up on filters which seems to be what the youth is very much into.


This is another great feature for friends who are looking to keep in touch. Streaks can allow friends who hardly have the time to communicate to share pictures of themselves every day, keeping a tab and keeping themselves in the loop.

Sharing stories

Why create an app for clicking pictures when you can’t share it with the world? Snapchat has a great option of you being able to share your work or your pictures with everyone on your friend’s list. There’s even the option of you being able to restrict who all on your list can view it.

Adding to other stories

There’s an option on Snapchat that lets you share your stories on your friend’s stories if they allow you to.

Search bar

The whole point of a social app is to be able to find friends or others from typing their names on the search tab. There are times when you won’t be able to find your friends through their contact numbers but can do so through other mutual contacts.


This has got to be one of the best features that Snapchat features. If you are creating an app like this one, make sure to add in something similar. The memories segment lets you view pictures or videos you’ve clicked from various dates or occasions which show you the following year.


Shazam is a collaborated app on Snapchat that lets you identify a song.

Save option

Once you’ve clicked your pictures, you either let them play the entire day on your story; let it disappear after 24 hours or save it to your device.

No screenshots

This is also another great feature to consider when creating an app like Snapchat. Screenshots used to be used for good, but lately doesn’t serve its rightful purpose. If someone takes a screenshot of the snap or chat you’ve sent them, you will get notified.


This feature lets you in on where all your friends are and if they really are where they say they are.

In Conclusion

When you set up on the road to creating a perfect app for the youth, be sure you do your research and conduct surveys to know what’s in and what’s not. Knowing what the public wants is a big plus when attempting to create an app.

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