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Oklahoma City, Importance of Managed IT Solutions Such as Website Backups

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Importance of Managed IT Solutions Such as Website Backups

There are many new companies, especially startups, that neglect some of the most fundamental security options available to them to keep their business continuously up and running in the best possible way and one such option is having a security website backup done regularly. As simple as it may sound, it isn’t.

What would you do if one day you get to your office, the one that you have built from scratch all by yourself, and everyone’s in a panic because the website and all its contents are missing? This is a very possible occurrence, that can happen to just about anyone and in any niche or business. There several reasons to perform this one important act, further information can also be found online. What would the solution be? Start again from scratch, because you don’t have a backup that you can restore within minutes.

An Online Security Strategy That Works

There are a few of many suggested steps that IT companies and those that offer online security solutions have implemented successfully and save millions of businesses and millions in legal fees and expenses.

Doing a backup of your website, not just once but regularly is one of the most fundamental elements any business, both new and old should have on their priority list. There are three very common, and very real instances that have happened and continue to happen till today around the world, due to lack of this solution, which we have included below for you to assess the seriousness of it. Two popular ways this can be done are via manually backing it up to the Cloud, or getting it done automatically

These cases have happened not only to stat ups and small businesses but also to multi-nationals all over the globe.

Scenario 1. You run and operate an eCommerce business, and have multiple customers information and personal data on it, for instance, addresses, credit card details, bank account details, for instance. Your website gets hacked into and everything is stolen without a trace.

Scenario 2. During a controlled update done by the IT team in the house as a normal procedure, a few of the files get deleted or broken by mistake and are not unrecoverable. This can also happen whilst installing a plug-in.

Scenario 3. While performing maintenance and design work on the back end the website gets mistakenly deleted and now needs to be re-built from scratch. This could take months to complete rendering your business without a proper website for long periods of time and losing potential customers as a result. Any downtime your website faces can ultimately lead to a loss of revenue.

Scenario 4. Your website is not secure, and clients notice this, on top of that it does not run optimally, is too slow to load, and has a lot of glitches. Clients leave the business and join your competitors who have a fully-functioning website, that is fast and operates at optimal lengths.

website security

Once anyone’s business reputation is negatively affected, getting it back up to reasonable levels may take a while. For some businesses, this is not even an option and they have to close their doors. Advantec Solutions in Oklahoma City recommends a well-managed website and finding a decent IT Solutions to help you out along the way till you have recovered and then some. It is always worth the effort to spend a little extra on paying for a good security solution for your website, rather than having to lose everything and starting from scratch.

Solutions to A Website Backup

This one thing can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Subscribing to regular website updates is the way to case something goes wrong, you have a copy of everything which you can easily restore using a few simple steps, either by yourself or the IT company you have hired. Within a few hours, your website and company can get back up and running again and you won’t be at risk of losing any down-time.

Backing up regularly can also be done on a local hard drive, you do not need any complicated or expenses extra technology such as another server. You just need an external hard drive and your good to go. A weekly operation is advisable in all cases. If your site is not that busy with constant traffic, then you can back it up once a month too.

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