See this extended list of benefits you can get with Laravel [Updated 2018]

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Laravel is an open source Php web application framework that utilizes special layout to develop MVC (model-view-controller) web applications. For the non-technical readers, Laravel is a dynamic PHP application that makes the development process easier and quicker by simplifying various steps like routing, queuing, load balancing and authentication.

  • Usage: It can be used for developing simple, ordinary websites as well as robust web applications.
  • Source code: The source code of Laravel is hosted on GitHub
  • License: It is available under MIT License.

Major technical benefits (quick look)

  • Friendly Design patterns with best functionality features
  • Secured framework
  • Load balancing techniques (queuing)
  • A huge number of active community members with varying expertise
  • Easy interface
  • No complex coding required
  • A full-fledged ecosystem for managing various aspects of web app development
  • An easy yet robust authentication system

Benefits of Laravel

What are the business benefits of Laravel?

While Laravel offers you a host of technical benefits, you would be keen to know various business benefits offered by Laravel. Here are a few ways in which Laravel can help your business:

Easy provision for authenticated usage

Ascertaining the genuineness of the users is the top priority for any premium web application owner. Understandably if you are paying for utilizing certain resources why would you allow the unauthorized parties to make use of the premium web application that you have built? It can also prone the application to malicious elements.

  • The Laravel helps you with a quick yet failsafe method to implement logical provisions for authenticating
  • Those who need an even easier method can go for out of the box configuration
  • Besides, Laravel offers you the more extended control over the resources to ensure that you can fence the security of your web applications with an airproof wall

Security provisions for E-commerce sites

The E-commerce owners need stronger security measures for keeping the privacy and security of their customers’ data intact. For that purpose, you need the secured technology and a well-guarded ecosystem.

  • Laravel perfectly fits the bill due to its framework that utilizes secured architecture and a strong base
  • Laravel offers the airproof security against prevalent as well as sophisticated threats like SQL Injection
  • Besides, the strong, well-guarded code base proactively assist your web app to deliver maximum performance with seamless activities- without being prone to security threats
  • The regular industrial updates ensure that your web applications remain secured against the latest threats

Eliminates complex coding process

One of the major reasons for delays in web application projects is the use of complex coding that can make the things complicated. Also in many cases, a small mistake may force you to repeat a huge chunk of the process.

  • However, Laravel works on MVC framework that offers you an easy interface to build a website from the scratch.
  • Apart from making the process easier, the simple interface also results in reduced time and a better performance delivery.
  • The bandwidth you save on configuration, security, designing etc. could be used for other more productive pursuits.
  • It can help you to increase the business benefits.

Multilingual capabilities for global reach

Once you have developed an awesome web application you want to let the entire world know about it and use it. However, everyone is not proficient in English. So the big question here is how could you make a strong impact on non –English speakers? So here’s the answer:

  • Another major benefit of Laravel is that it allows you to develop the multilingual application with more ease.
  • There are a number of ways in which multilingual app can help you get a cutting edge in the industry.
  • It helps you to increase your reach, go global; and eventually enhance the conversion opportunities.
  • Some result also proves that the multilingual web applications get more SEO benefits as compared to their peers.

Better traffic management

While achieving the maximum traffic is the major aim of any business, managing it could be a problem. There are many instances when the mismanagement of traffic resulted in various unpleasant situations.

  • On this front Laravel offers you a strong provision even at the initial stage of the project development.
  • You will get a message queue system that is the techniques used in even distribution of load that keeps your server perfectly fit and lean by preventing it from being overburdened.
  • It also adds to the speed and keeps the performance steady. So, whether it is a huge traffic or unforeseen fluctuations, Laravel can actively help you in managing your server’s health.
  • Laravel offers you a friendly ecosystem and interface to develop the dynamic web applications in a very little time as compared to the traditional methods.
  • More importantly, it does this without compromising with the quality or functionality of your applications.

Besides, the use of load balancing techniques, zero coding, and freedom highly secured framework and powerful traffic management technique along with high scalability help you to enjoy the maximum benefits with fewer efforts.

Maximum protection

Laravel utilizes a number of strategies to offer the maximum security to your passwords:

  • While the hashed salted password ensures that the database would never be able to save your password in the plain text format the bcrypt hashing Algorithm generates your password in an encrypted format.
  • The pre-prepared SQL injection statements also foil the injection attack effectively.

Hence, Laravel is a robust php application that is popular due to neat interface, premium security, quick processing, simple steps and traffic management qualities.



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