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Simple Travel Video Recording Tips for Travel Vloggers

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Simple Travel Video Recording Tips for Travel Vloggers

Being a travel vlogger is a great job to do because you can travel to the places you love. Then, you just need to record your traveling experience, post it to your YouTube channel, and get some amount of money from it.

The most important thing is that you have to know the best way to create stunning travel videos to attract a lot of viewers. Just follow the travel video recording tips below, so you can create a stunning video just like a professional videographer.

Focus on the Detail 

Instead of recording all subjects or objects around the location, just keep focusing on stunning or eye-catching things.

It is better to move the camera and place the subject in one of the thirds of the screen. This is a basic rule in photography and videography, even if you are using a cellphone camera. It may seem to be too simple to be true, but the rule of thirds will make your video look beautiful.

Viewers can easily see the point of the object or subject by watching the video. As a result, your viewers can enjoy the video and you can trigger them to go to the destination after watching it.

Learn about the Golden Hour 

The reason why professional videographers can create a fascinating video is that they understand well about the golden hour. By understanding it, you will get enough light while recording the video.

It creates even more natural result in the video than the manufactured lighting properties. It is also an important knowledge to understand, so you can create a video anytime and anywhere you want even if you don’t bring lighting properties.

There are two golden hours which are sunrise and sunset. You can record a video right after sunrise or before sunset. It is called the golden hour because you get natural light, no matter the objects.

It is good for those who want to record video with landscape, city, or person as the object. So, one of the most important travel video recording tips is recording the video as close to the golden hour, as possible.

Focus on the Eye Level 

Let’s say, you want to record the villagers to show their daily activity. In this case, you need to focus on the eye level. The eye-level means that you must move the camera to their eye. This simple trick will make those people look taller and important in the video.

Viewers will focus on the people in the video and something interesting to see, while enjoying the video. It seems that their eyes talking a lot about who they are and what they do. Just imagine that this trick is commonly used in Hollywood and it works well. The videographer often uses it to make the artists look taller than their actual height.

Keep the Camera Steady 

It is important to keep your camera steady while recording a video. A steady camera will make the image clear and sharp. You have to do it even if you are recording a moving object. You don’t have to use high-tech properties if you don’t have it.

You can use your hands to keep the camera steady. The simple trick is bending your legs slightly when you are about to record and move forward slowly.

The best result is that when the camera looks like floating through thin air. It seems hard to do and you have to practice it over and over again to get used to it.

Prepare a Plan 

Professional videographers know what they want to record. This is because they are creating a plan before the recording process. Don’t be afraid to try first before recording the real one. For example, you can take the object in three different methods which are a wide shot, medium shot, and close-up.

Then, you can compare the result and find the best one to make the object look stunning and attracting in the video. That’s why you must bring enough data storage, because the best objects or subjects mostly don’t come twice. You must keep your camera ready and get a fantastic moment in real-time.

Create a Backup 

Sometimes, you can’t directly upload the video because of the conditions. If it is so, you have to create a backup anytime the video is done and ready to upload. Creating a backup is an important thing to consider to prevent unwanted situations.

You may accidentally delete the video, or the video gets corrupted because of some problem with your equipment. Just imagine if it is happening to you and you don’t have a backup. It can be your most terrible day, right? That’s why you have to create a backup, so you can use it when there is a problem with the original video.

Prepare a Video Repair Tool

While having a backup can save you in case a video is deleted, you should also be aware of video repair tools. It is also an important thing for videographers, which allows you to fix corrupted video files.

Video repair tools can save you, when you need to recover broken videos that you can’t open, play or edit. The best part is that you can get those videos back, edit, and upload to your channel.

The point is that you need to create high-quality videos to attract more viewers to watch your traveling channel. You don’t have to learn a lot of complicated things only to create a stunning video. Just practice the travel video recording tips above and see the difference before and after following the tips. Practice it continuously and see your viewers audience increase day by day.

Beside creating great videos, you also need to know how to face problems such as when you lose a video file.

Video recovery tools help you get those videos back. Also, we encourage you to read our earlier article about useful tools for capturing screen videos.

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