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Social Media Tracking Tools That Give You Insights In Real-time

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As a dedicated or a small time social media marketer, you want to be sure that you are acting upon meaningful stats and metrics. There are many tools that will help you to make an informed decision. Before you take the plunge, it’s advisable that you do your research on the best social media tools that will help in your quest. Some are inbuilt and others will help you keep track of your social media marketing efforts on a regular basis.

Social Media Tracking Tools

Digital marketing strategy largely determine the success of your business. The data you get is key whenever you want to switch up things and boost sales, visibility and your competitive edge. The tools that provide you blow by blow insights are the best in this context. Fortunately, there is an abundance of social media marketing tools that let you in on the metrics on a real-time basis. It’s advisable that social network checker tools are able to show you how your tweets are performing, when your Instagram posts engage more prospects, and whether your Facebook posts are driving traffic and leads.

Here are some by the minute.

Facebook Live Video Performance

You want your Facebook live video to engage and draw traffic. With this tool, you will get to know how your targets are interacting with your video. You get to discover how individuals react to your competitor’s video posts. The video performance tool lets you see what your competitor is streaming, and you get to see how their prospects engage from the start to the end. With this tool you will get to discover the best time to post videos to get maximum engagement

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the perfect analysis tool for enterprises that enjoy lots of engagement. This tool is accessible via the app, but it can still work on the platform. You can enjoy realistic and real-time insights for your reach and visits. Use the tool to get instant metrics on posts with precision for aspects such as Likes, Profile Visits, clicks, impressions or calls.

Brandwatch Analytics

Brandwatch Analytics is top of the breed social media analytics tool. This tool can gather data from social platforms and internet sources. It lets you discern data with massive queries and you can easily define data via charts using the Explore and Entities feature to draw useful insights in minutes. Use Brandwatch to discover more about target markets, demographics and reputation. Since it offers real time reports, you can see what your users are saying about the brand and take the necessary action.

Social Searcher

Social Searcher features a set of tools that helps you master social media analysis. It’s easy to use with no sign up required. The easy to use interface will program metrics from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in separate reports. You can use it to get detailed analytics with detailed data about the number of posts by the hour or day. The premium option lets you export data to Excel.


If you rely on Twitter and you haven’t found a real-time analytics tool, Followerwonk lets you discover more about your Twitter followers in real-time. Designed by Moz, the tool will tell you more about the source of your followers, their active hours, and the length of time they have been on the platform. Use FollowerWonk to get detailed insights mapped out in easy to understand charts. It makes it easy to prioritize the most active user.


This will do your social media strategy a lot of good. It lets you access in-depth data on your platforms with ease. Not only do you get in-depth analytics, but you get bespoke metrics on a user friendly dashboard, and the real-time insights will help you use your findings to make quick tweaks. The tools’ Competitive Benchmarking will help you gain insight on what your competitors are doing and will emphasize on the best practices. With Quintly, you no longer have to things the manual way.


This tool lets you to measure with precision your brands impact on the preferred social media platform. It lets you analyze real-time metrics on an intuitive interface that you can share with your team. You get to see the trending hashtags, keyword, peak times, reach, impressions and other campaign metrics in real-time. Use Keyhole to discover your influencer’s outreach campaigns.


If you are looking for an easy to adapt and use Twitter or Facebook analytics tool, Crowdbooster is your best bet. The customizable and intuitive interface lets you monitor engagements in real time and lets you enhance your interaction. You get insights on the best time to post, who to target, and how to schedule your posts for maximum results.


This is the best tool if you want to know what is happening on all social media platforms. It’s multilingual and can provide reports in over 180 languages. Use Talkwalker to find what your prospects think about your promos, contests, events and brand. This tool lets you in on the latest trends and lets you create your message in a way that it resonates with your targets instantly.

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