Some Powerful Strategies for High Conversion Landing Page

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Some Powerful Strategies for High Conversion Landing Page

Your landing page optimization efforts will matter a lot – it can make or break the conversion rate of your website. If done right, They can also add a new dimension to the way customers get experience with your business. You can look for innovation and achieve higher conversion rates even without spending a lot of money. Even if the conversion rate is not more than 5% for some industries, this does not mean you can’t break that ceiling with extra effort. You can plan well to achieve higher conversion rates for your landing page and this is what your aim should be.

You can follow some of these strategies to boost your landing page conversion rates –

  1. Give Your Visitors a Great Offer

If you want to a high conversion, but simple landing page, start dishing out a great offer to your visitors. This will go a long way in sealing the deal for you. The more your incentive your new customers, the better conversion rates can become. This offer should be based on immediate action on the part of customers, and in most cases, it is like giving discount of 5 to 10 per cent. Your landing page will achieve a better conversion if your visitors see value immediately or if they get to save with their shopping.

  1. Don’t Confuse Them with Choices

The focus of your landing page should be on giving value to visitors right away rather than leaving them confused. When you offer lots of choices there, it can easily create a sense of confusion. It’s therefore better to limit choices so that your visitors can think through it will getting their head spin at the available options. When choices are limited, and features are more within them, it strikes a chord with customers as they believe the good intention of sellers. So, use this strategy in a subtle manner and boost the conversion rate of your landing page immediately.

  1. Avoid Being Intrusive with Customer Service

Customers on your landing page want a smooth and hassle-free experience. They want to be served but surely not in a way that ruins their experience out there on your landing page. Keeping this in mind, you should avoid being too intrusive with customer service by not letting the pop-up chat come up needlessly. The live chat should be there somewhere at the footer waiting for customers to seek help rather than popping up without any invitation. More so, it’d be great if your chat service does not ask for lots of inputs from visitors before responding them as it can be a killjoy.

  1. Have Real-Time Social Proof

Customers look for trust and reliability above anything else before placing an order with a company. So, you can post a running update of orders on the page and give them ample proof of your viability among other customers. You can leverage social links and show to your visitors all the orders being placed, location of the order etc. Any customer would feel happy seeing orders on the site as it gives them confidence. With this update, you can easily show to the world than people are buying from your website and this will build trust for sure.

  1. Leverage the Scarcity Theme

Nothing gets buyers going as much as scarcity theme. You can leverage this on your landing page in a subtle manner and boost conversion rates easily. You can either show the existing inventory and create a sense of urgency among your customers or show them icons highlighting how the stock is flying off quickly. You can also show real-time quantity updates and entice people into buying as they would not want to miss out on offer from your side. You can also show customers that the sale is going to end soon, and this will also force them to buy earlier than they would otherwise do.

  1. Show the Value

High converting landing pages are not possible unless they show the value to customers. There is no denying that every customer likes a deal and you must show them that they are getting a deal by shopping with you. It’s a good strategy to show slashed prices of the product on the site, or you can put up offer of buy 1 and get 1 free. Anything that adds value will help boost the conversion rate of your landing page and this must be understood well. You can try this powerful strategy and get customers placing more orders than you can expect, or you can think.

In overall, it always makes sense to hire a top digital marketing company and benefit from its experience in helping clients achieve high conversion landing pages. With such a partner around, you can be sure of getting value for your investment for sure.


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