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Top-10 most dangerous things people do with their smartphone

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Smartphone houses everyone’s privacy and money

Sometimes our smartphones contain secrets we rarely tell people, regardless of how close they are to us. This is enough to make us understand how well we need to protect our smartphones.

The smartphone houses much private stuff, ranging from financial and banking details to our privacy. It contains sensitive information, which many people do not care to create back up for, if we are able to trust our smartphones to that extent, and then we need to do everything possible to make sure it is in good shape. The need good smartphone security makes the inforgraphic to give us some hints to protecting smartphone from being hacked.

Dangerous things people do

Keeping the smartphone in good shape is a top priority, therefore, we highlight some dangerous thing to shun. The first one is clicking on links in fraudulent emails, some fraudsters will send you email giving you offers that are too good to be true. They would make it seem convincing enough for you to click on a link, but once you click you have made a huge mistake.

According to Protect Your Bubble’s data, 4% of all the identity theft cases it has experienced stem from email fraud. Another study shows that 156 million phishing emails are sent daily. In addition, we need to understand that, not all our private life style is meant to be uploaded on social media. The social media is a big world, which houses both the good and the bad people, learn to keep your vacation pictures off social media, do not do it to impress anybody.  More than 75% of convicted burglars believe that other burglars use social media to find their potential victims, to stay safe we need to ’keep ourselves low’ sometimes.

top-10 most dangerours things people do with their smartphone

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