Top 8 Contact Manager Apps for Android 2021

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Top 8 Contact Manager Apps for Android 2021

Whenever someone changes their contact number we tend to save it separately rather than updating the already present contact plus syncing contacts in new device results in multiple duplicate contacts. Our Android devices do not automatically merge duplicate contacts or delete contacts with missing information hence we turn to third-party apps. Third-party contact manager apps make it easier to sort out your phonebook and declutter it. When we search, the real challenge is picking the best one that will efficiently sort out your phonebook and make your contacts much more manageable. We have painstakingly reviewed each application and picked out the best for users.

  1. Google Contacts

If you own a Google or Android device then you do not have to go on a scavenger hunt for third-party apps. All you have to do is install Google Contacts. It is the most convenient and efficient app out there. Once installed it automatically backs up your contacts, syncing them to your Gmail phonebook hence making your contacts accessible across your devices. Users have the option to label contacts and organize them according to accounts. In case of duplicate contacts, users can simply merge contacts or delete.

  1. Simple Contacts

In case you were looking for a more secure app with top-notch privacy then this might be the application for you. Simple Contacts does not store your contacts in any cloud or server plus it is an open-source app. However, you still have the option to sync your contacts to your Google account. Users even have the option to export their contacts via a VCF file.

There are multiple personalization options as well. Users can create groups, highlight favorite contacts and even select different colors for text. Overall, it has a minimalistic feel.

The app is free but you have an option to upgrade to the pro version for $1 if you can manage emails and events as well.

  1. Smart Contacts

This is one of the simplest apps out there. It is known for its customization features plus you can efficiently manage your contacts. You can select different themes for contacts, arrange them in groups, and filter contacts to display. In short, it has all the essential features for a contact management app including a duplicate contact finder, frequent contact suggestions plus you can search contacts by name, phone number, and email address.

  1. Contacts Optimizer

Contact optimizer aids you in finding and removing duplicate contacts with its advanced duplicate removal technology. The app does all the hard work, it scans duplicate contacts and gives your multiple options about how to fix the issue. Users can select to take actions themselves by letting the app just give suggestions or the app can manage contacts itself.

The edit toolbar gives users more control to manage their phonebooks more quickly. The toolbar includes options such as backup, restore, duplicates and merging, accounts processing, and advanced optimization. The app gives your phonebook a professional look with the minimum work.

  1. Contact +

This app does more than just manage your contacts. It takes care of your SMS, calls, and contacts. Like most contact management apps, it gives you multiple customization apps and even has dark mode.

Contact + is loaded with interesting features including caller ID. The app detects spam calls and SMS and blocks them. Whereas there are options to speed dial and birthday reminders. The smart contacts technology sorts contacts and merges any duplicate contacts available.

  1. Drupe

Drupe for sure has the most intriguing UI. The app’s floating icon is placed at the edge of the screen as three vertical dots. To use the app, you just have to swipe right on the gleaming triple-dot. A list of your favorite contacts will appear along the left side of your phone’s screen, with options such as new call, text, email, etc. Moreover, you just have to drag a contact to the app icon to start a conversation.  Users also have an option of GIF calls which sends GIFs during video calls.

Additional features include smart caller, build-in call recorder, smart caller ID and blocker, and reminders. The app brings all your contacts in one place and lets you carry or multiple functions from one place.

  1. MyContacts

For users who are looking to manage their family and friend’s contacts then this app is ideal for them. The app compiles all the contacts in one place and makes your phonebook extremely manageable. The UI is smart and pretty easy to use and one of the appealing aspects of the application.

All your data is stored in your devices, not on any cloud hence you can access your contacts without the internet as well. The app lets you call and send emails and it highlights your favorite contacts. In addition to this, there are personalization features and dark mode available.

  1. Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App

Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App is an intuitively designed duplicate contacts manager. It scans and identifies duplicate contacts from your address book then efficiently deletes and merges contacts. The address book gets decluttered and gets a professional look overall.

Its advanced scanning algorithms ensure that there are no similar or duplicate contacts in your phonebook. Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App simultaneously frees up storage space. The easy-to-follow steps and smart UI have made organizing your phonebook a breeze.

So Which Should You Use?

All these apps will do the job efficiently and swiftly. They manage your phonebook and make decluttering it fun due to the multiple personalization options. However, we believe the Duplicate Contact Cleaner will be the ideal application to sort out your phonebook and make it much easier to locate contacts. It has a smart UI and advanced duplicate contacts finder algorithm that works seamlessly.

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