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TV Playout Automation: The Complete All in One Playout Automation Software.

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Fed up of managing the TV playout system? Broadcasters often face a problem with the question how to continue and extend the delivery of broadcasting services and introduce new broadcasting services in an efficient, frequent and cost effective way. The continuous evolution of digital broadcast technology results in a considerable increase of the capacity in the transmitted bandwidth and offers more services, high picture quality and better coverage.

What is TV Playout Automation Software?

In broadcasting, term playout means the transmission of radio or TV channels from the broadcaster into broadcast networks that delivers the content to the audience. And, Playout Automation Software is a program that enables the use of playout programming technology to automate playout operations. It is used either on a broadcast network or a television station. It can run the system in the absence of a human operator. The software runs efficiently in a “live assist” or “live broadcast automation” mode when there are on-air presenters at the television studio/ TV station / satellite TV studio.

Broadcast automation software consists of three workflows:

  1. Playout automation
  2. On-air broadcast graphics automation
  3. Live broadcast automation.


Some key features of TV playout automation software are:

  • Gapless playback of videos of different formats like motion jpeg, mxf, lxf, mp4, QuickTime, and avi etc.
  • Customize movie trailer and quick schedule display for upcoming movies.
  • Broadcast-quality character generator
  • Manage and schedule advanced playlist with the help of features like Sub-playlists
  • Breaks for insertion of advertisements or special programs

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Scheduling Process

This software has the best interface for scheduling operation and media files ever. It schedules your campaigns automatically. You have to only provide some basic information like time slots, days of the week and periods, and then the software will create the schedule for you. If you prefer to enter each spot manually, the advanced manual scheduler option of the software will save your time by giving you immediate overviews of your schedule. You can create any schedule with the help of start and end dates and account information. When a campaign has been scheduled, the created schedule can be reviewed whenever you want.

Managing TV Content through Playout Automation

The cloud-based broadcasting gives modern and technologically advanced solution compared to traditional TV broadcasting. Instead of incurring high capital expenditure for using satellite feeds to launch new feeds to various geographies or broadcasting non-live genre of content, using cloud-based broadcasting results in cost-effective solution that help in addressing the ROI concerns.

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Moreover, the playout automation assists in uploading playlist with supportive primary and secondary elements that broadcast the content via edge servers installed at several head ends, across many geographic regions through secure cloud network. The playlist contains high-quality graphics, audio and video that are played, resulting in a round the clock channel playout. The automation software promotes playout management suite, which encourages playlist control, monitoring of content from different locations across the globe, and media management.

In The End

This software solution provides a very efficient solution for the broadcast industry. It provides TV stations, a high quality master control room application that will automate their operations, save time and cut costs. This software is highly reliable and facilitates in the automation of the TV playout.

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