What Is SAP AMS Service & What Are The Benefits?

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Organizations across the globe are facing challenges related to better quality and efficient operations of their applications. Management of the applications that run the enterprise is the key priority for achieving the efficiency and the cost savings.  As you spend less time in managing the IT and more time in focusing on optimizing the business, SAP AMS services help you in focusing on the core needs. Let’s know about the service in detail and see how they can benefit you:

The Challenge

Most of the organizations are trying their best to maximize their returns on investments as a large of the IT budget goes in maintaining the applications. It severely limits the capabilities of the organizations to take the new initiatives and focus on the growth of the business. Besides dissatisfied user and absence of the applications portfolio adoption causes the IT organizations to catch-up the ever increasing business demands. It means that businesses have to find way to maintain their IT infrastructure in way that they have budget left for the other things as well. It may well include testing out some new technologies that are beneficial for the business.

The AMS Approach

It focuses on removing the waste and increase the efficiency. It helps in managing innovations and transforms the application portfolio while reducing the application support costs by a quarter percentages. It also improves the service levels and enhances the user satisfaction, giving the IT staff an opportunity to manage the business demands. By reducing the costs and focusing on the operational excellence, The AMS offerings cam help in transforming the IT within the organizations thus allowing you to focus on new things. With a program that continuously runs within your organization helps in driving the expenses downwards. It also allows you to undertake the additional business initiatives. The lean approach is implemented by the professionals who have been well trained and nurtured.

Key Benefits

The approach focuses on managing, innovating and transforming the application while looking for the most cost effective delivery mechanisms. Some key benefits are:

  • Lower TCO: The approach lowers the total cost of ownership in delivery of the applications with the help of a leaner approach. The clients can see a total cost reduction in and around 30 percentages and allows them to adjust the budget to invest more on business value projects.
  • Measurable Optimization: It benefits you by providing, measurable optimizations and efficiency gains. The lean approach focuses on y-o-y cost efficiencies.
  • It recognizes that organizations are evolving continuously and require the business and applications transformations with the help of application outsourcing contract.
  • It also ensures that the services are delivered in the most efficient manner with adequate coverage.
  • The solution is more available, stable and there are significant improvements in the performance. It means there are lesser downtimes that may affect the production or other business operations.
  • It also leads to improvement in the business processes which means a more agile system is in place. It also means that there is high degree of integrity, consistency, and security for data.


It consists of application maintenance, enhancements and support in a flexible 24*7 global delivery model across the SAP core, new dimension, hosted and the managed solutions. The working involves using the continuous improvement approach like Kaizen. The traditional approach of simply handling the problems may be good but it is not enough. Instead the lean approach prevents the problems, reduces the business impact and enables the clients to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. The lean approach relates to three different processes:

  • Manage

It is the process that is used to analyze the demand relating to issues and problems that have arisen over a period of time. It also identifies the patterns in terms of the root causes which leads to subsequent removal of these causes.

  • Innovate

It is the step where the application is reviewed periodically and suggestions for the improvements are made. It’s a critical step which affects the business processes and leads to savings as well.

  • Transform

It adapts the now improved applications to the business changes and takes them to the next level while looping back into the proven manage process and continuous improvements.

Wrapping Up

SAP AMS services helps you in reducing the total cost of the operations and allow you to focus on other areas of the business. The result is increased profitability and better focus on new activities which prepares the business for market leadership.

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