What is the Best Framework for a Hybrid mobile app?

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Best Framework for a Hybrid mobile app

Businesses are always willing to adopt various things that can increase their productivity and efficiency big time, be it an appliance, an idea, or a solution. Now, if you look carefully, the case with cloud-based entities is no different, whether an eCommerce store, a travel booking site, or an appointment booking portal.

Now, can you please let us know if you also own or operate an internet-based business? If yes, you must build a smooth-functioning mobile app for your brand now, given that the revenue generated through mobile apps is estimated to reach $935 billion in 2023.

But the question is, which sort of mobile app should you choose to build? You might want to know. According to a renowned mobile app development company, it makes sense to invest in a hybrid mobile application.

Want to know the reason? Then we must inform you that a hybrid mobile app is a special type of software that combines the traits of a native and a web application at the same time. In other words, a hybrid mobile app is actually a web app that comes with a native app wrapper.

Once your potential users download this app from an app store and install it on their phone, it works with the help of a browser embedded in the app to offer several capabilities that standard mobile platforms provide.

The best part of hybrid mobile apps as per a reputed mobile app development company is that their browser and plug-ins run on the backend and are not visible to general users.

What else? The main reason for so much popularity of hybrid applications across the globe is that they require software makers to write code once to develop a mobile program and then accommodate multiple operating systems without a hitch. And this is something that saves humongous time for various business owners, resulting in increased efficiency and better output down the line.

So, if you also want to accomplish such objectives for your establishment right away, we would advise you to hire mobile app developers and ask them to construct a feature-rich hybrid mobile app for you. Ok? Understood? If so, it is time to dig deeper into:

Some statistics related to hybrid mobile apps shared by a leading mobile app development company

  1. Mobile device users often invest 90% of their time in operating smartphone applications. Due to this, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for apps, especially highly functional, extensible, and cost-effective solutions, like hybrid apps.
  2. It has been found in a recent report that 74% of the top 50 retail apps in the U.S. App Store are hybrid-powered mobile programs.
  3. A popular converter of customer feedback into case studies, testimonials, and reviews has discovered in a survey that among 200 IT enterprise decision-makers, 65% of agencies will form hybrid mobile apps this year, compared to 26% considering utilizing native mobile architectures.

Inspired by these figures, if you also want to forge a hybrid mobile app for your brand, the best path you can take is to hire dedicated Flutter developers now.

Which one is the finest SDK for hybrid app creation in accordance with a mobile app development company?

Well, it depends on the objectives that you want to attain through your potential app. If a software development kit offers the abilities and functionalities that can support the smooth functioning of your app, you can be better off with that framework. Below are some hybrid app-making tools that must go through now:  

1.    React Native

React Native is a JavaScript software development resource that comes in handy to manufacture cross-platform mobile applications. This framework is equipped with a unique language, known as JSX.

The chief job of this language is to fabricate user interfaces that let you write CSS and HTML with the help of React. And if the viewpoint of a reliable mobile app development company is to be believed, its UI elements are also designed to manufacture a fast and enjoyable experience for every user.  

2.    Flutter

If you remember well, Flutter has been developed by the most famous search engine brand, i.e., Google. And as per Google, Flutter has been made keeping native-like performance in mind while giving full control of an app’s elements through an easy-to-use toolkit.

Also, you will be glad to know that Flutter ships with plugin libraries and superb user interfaces to ease the native experience. Furthermore, Flutter is also known to have a considerable audience reach, given that its use is not restricted to iOS and Android applications only.

Owing to this, if you want to construct a hybrid app using Flutter now, please do not forget to hire dedicated Flutter developers from a long-standing IT agency.   

3.    JQuery Mobile

JQuery is a highly trusted hybrid mobile app development tool that turns out to be useful in building platform-independent apps. The topmost mobile app development company claims that this framework taps JavaScript library and HTML to construct responsive websites for a wide range of devices, including but not limited to:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Tablets
  3. Desktops

Also, you will be amazed to know that jQuery takes advantage of the HTML-5-based framework and the ThemeRoller to provide highly customizable themes for smartphone applications and web applications. Just to let you know, JQuery Mobile is available in two versions, named:

  1. Customized framework
  2. Stable version

4.    Ionic

Ionic is an open-source software-building kit that has been created using Apache Cordova and Angular. As a result, software professionals are able to forge iOS and Android mobile applications for seamless performance.

This framework is also widely known for helping software personnel in making powerful and feature-rich native apps. The biggest advantage of working with Ionic is that it allows software builders to call on multiple UI elements for app design, such as:

  1. Filters
  2. Forms
  4. Action sheets
  5. Navigation menus

In short, Ionic is a complete software-creating platform that enables software personnel to form hybrid apps, progressive web apps, and multi-platform mobile apps. Hence, if you want to shape any of these apps for your fast-growing establishment now, please do not hesitate to hire mobile app developers from a top-tier IT company.     


Thus, if you enjoyed reading this entire content and want to have a hybrid-driven business app for your corporation, it will pay off if you connect to a well-established mobile app development company now.

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