What Is The Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic On SEO?

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on many industries, including businesses that offer SEO services. But you can use the data sourced from different sectors for analysis. Here is traffic-related data of different industries:

Essential E-commerce Stores

The search volume for keywords like hand sanitizer near me and face masks near me has gone up considerably in the last few months.

Health and Wellness Information

Traffic volume for keywords related to health and wellness information such as coronavirus symptoms, handwashing technique, etc. has increased to 17% during the same period.

News Mediums

The traffic volume of news related websites has grown by 34%.

Travel Websites

Traffic volume of travel-related sites has gone down drastically (-46%) due to factors such as travel restrictions, hotel/cruise ship quarantines, etc.

Food and Recipe Websites

Searches related to food and recipe-based websites has gone up by 22%. However, traffic volume for specific categories like food courts and buffets has gone down by 32%.


The search volume of some categories that are related to recreation, such as hiking, has increased by 135%.

SEO Tips

  • Analytics data may not provide you with a clear picture of the existing condition across different industries.
  • Follow Google Trends daily.
  • Decrease your spends on paid search and be prepared for daily management.
  • Increase emailers to let people know that you can still deliver products and services.
  • Pay equal attention to SEO and content marketing. Learn to market via webinars and online marketing consultations.
  • Ensure that you don’t make promote deals or sales related to coronavirus. Start focusing on holidays and Q4 initiatives.
  • Market your products and services efficiently. Focus on customer support. Help your community in whatever way you can.

This PageTraffic infographic shares some valuable details on the impact of coronavirus on SEO.

Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic On SEO

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