Why Angularjs is the Perfect Choice for Startups?

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Why Angularjs is the Perfect Choice for Startups

AngularJs was introduced as a programming language in the 90s and was explicitly designed to build web applications. Initially, Angular was introduced as an open-source project to build web applications inside the browser. Now, the framework has grown beyond browser development allowing developers to build apps for Android as well as iOS devices.

For startup entrepreneurs, it is important to test out new ideas and prototype them along with building highly performant application infrastructures that are scalable. That’s why it is essential for you to balance spending time squeezing every single byte out of an application, use it to address users’ concerns, and delivering results efficiently and quickly. For this, Angular does a fantastic job.

What is AngularJs?

AngularJs aims at putting an effort to make both web development and testing easier. Currently, there are over 460k websites built with AngularJS with a market share of 1.35% across various industry verticals.

AngularJs development is ideal for budding startups as it comes along with rich features such as MVC architecture, two-way binding, mobile support, component-based programming, typescript and full-proof testing.

AngularJs was developed to build the finest single-page applications. Later it was rewritten from scratch making it compatible with mobile devices using typescript. It reduced the size of the generated bundled code up to 60%. Initially, it was introduced to support Google-driven progressive web apps with modern development. It is now more focused on the tool-chain and on making it easier to move swiftly in the web development process throughout.

Prime Factors Why Startups Look For Angular Development Services

As front-end development services are growing in demand, AngularJS development is slowly becoming the top choice for developing mobile apps and websites. Thus, if you are looking to develop an app for your business and are confused about choosing the right technology, here are the prime factors that make AngularJs ideal for your web development.

AngularJS is budget-friendly

The components of AngularJs are independent and self-sufficient, making them reusable and test-friendly. These independent components are easier to scale, replace and maintain making web development budget-friendly.

Along with code reusability and dependency handling, the framework is much-suited for startup owners looking for a cost-friendly app development option.

The plethora of built-in features aid in building an application that has an exceptional user experience. AngularJS comes along with modular design capabilities and cross-platform architecture that promotes economic and sustainable development.

AngularJS promises high quality

The MVC architecture in AngularJS development ensures that the app development, testing and maintenance are of the highest quality. It helps in enriching the productive capacity of AngularJS developers too. Hire Angular developers that are extremely competent and knowledgeable in AngularJs as well as other JavaScript frameworks.

With the integration of AngularJS in your web application, the development time is faster and the overall quality of the application is enhanced. This makes the applications easier to update and smoother to use.

AngularJs is an amalgamation of UI and business logic. Two vital things when it comes to startup as it produce promising results when creating native-like apps. It is an efficient cross-platform app development tool as well.

AngularJs saves effort and time

One of the most critical features of the AngularJs framework is code reusability. AngularJs allows dedicated developers to reuse code thus making it a very unique framework.

Programmers can simply reuse the codes or the components of the codes written beforehand in various applications. By incorporating only the necessary changes in the code, modification and customization of the application can be done quickly.

For startups that use AngularJS development, it means that they can transfer features written in earlier applications to newer version releases or entirely different applications. Reusability of code is particularly essential as small and medium-sized firms look towards developing large-scale applications.

AngularJs enables high speed and performance

AngularJS is mostly used to develop fully functional and feature-rich applications that are attractive as well as high in performance. It is supported by form validation, data binding, directives, routing and many other powerful features. These features facilitate the fast development of robust applications that are high in speed.

Under the MVC (Model View Controller), AngularJS is divided into three parts, one used for data management, one for viewing the data and the last used as a data controller. In contrast, the data viewing part can act as a bridge to sustain the relationship between the view and the model. It has better IDEs than other javascript frameworks.

Along with that, the Common Line Interface (CLI) enables IDE experts to trace down errors feasibly. This allows them to develop web components and apps faster, resulting in faster web app development.

AngularJs is backed by Google

AngularJs is backed by the tech giant Google making it very appealing for startups. It minimizes the risk of their technology stack becoming outdated expeditiously. Each and every AngularJS version has been maintained by dedicated Google engineers dating back to its initial release.

This consistent maintenance by Google has established a huge community that is active as well as interactive. Among AngularJS, React, and Vue, AngularJS is the oldest JavaScript framework with the largest community support.

With the help of AngularJS development services, clients can usually get what they want much faster. Additionally, since AngularJs is open-sourced, startups that use it can rapidly outsource and secure assistance from front-end AngularJS developers.

What are the startups using AngularJs?

AngularJS development is feasible and business organizations utilize this technology across various great startups. Multiple startups make use of AngularJS as a frontend framework on their tech stack. Here are the most renowned startups that are using AngularJS:


Snapchat is a messaging and social networking application with attractive multimedia features. It is made to send snaps, short videos or instant photos and users love it because of the level of privacy it brings.

It has gotten huge popularity in a very short time only because of the privacy features and AngularJs integrated interface.


Paytm is an Indian startup innovation specialized in digital payment systems that came as an alternative to cash transactions.

In 2010 initially, Paytm was built with AngularJS as the main front-end framework. Now, it is a successful technological innovation that has created a balance between cost and efficiency.


Brought to life in 2015, the immense popularity of Upwork is due to the amazing user experience from web applications integrated by AngularJS.

Upwork is incorporated in the USA and offers project management, development services, app design and much more. It brings employers and freelancers altogether in a smarter way.


Razorpay is yet another payment gateway solution with developer-friendly APIs and subtle economic pricing allowing users to accept and process their payments hassle-free.

With the features of AngularJS aligned with modern-day functionalities such as mobile wallets, debit cards and credit cards businesses can rely on digital payments without having to worry about security.


Udemy is present on several frameworks’ lists but is popularly known for using AngularJS for its front-end web development.

Udemy is an online learning platform that provides users with video lessons on multiple topics in coding, photography, and much more. It is one of the fastest-growing startups with revenue and students doubling year over year.

Wrapping up

The popularity of AngularJS has created a vast community among web development frameworks. As a result, many startups are picking up the AngularJS framework and determining it to make it their primary focus so that they can worry less about where their next project is coming from. For you as a startup, that means you will probably have a higher chance of finding an Angular specialist easily. AngularJs is ideal for startups with a slender amount of time and money.

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