7 Benefits of Azure for Business

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7 Benefits of Azure for Business
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Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly popular since companies worldwide are looking for ways to cut their data storage expenses and streamline their workflows more efficiently. With the overcrowded cloud computing market, it can be challenging to find a platform that meets your business’s unique needs and goals.

What differentiates Microsoft Azure Cloud from other vendors is that it’s one of the most comprehensive, diversified, and flexible cloud providers. And it’s cost-effective too.

It allows businesses of any size to quickly and easily build, deploy, and manage apps without acquiring and maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at 7 top benefits of Azure for business.

  1. Easily scalable to meet every businesses’ needs

Since companies’ needs can change over time, Microsoft’s cloud platform is designed to scale alongside businesses. Its goal is to meet the needs of companies regardless of their size. So, whether you run a skincare line or multi-national corporation, Azure can easily fit your IT demands.

It allows your company to adjust its service agreement, so if there are short-term surges in traffic, you can increase your storage space and computing power.

Also, if you happen to land long-term expansion projects, this adaptability prevents disruptions in high-load applications by enabling maximum capacity for your current needs.

And Azure’s flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model means there is no upfront commitment, so you get to pay only for what you use each month.

  1. Ahead of competition when it comes to protecting your data

Microsoft Azure provides world-class cybersecurity with multiple layers of protection in place. First of all, it is designed to protect your data with the advanced encryption process.

Microsoft data centers are equipped with multi-factor authentication, proxy card access readers, and biometric scanners to maintain confidential customer information privacy and integrity.

This security model is efficient in warding off data breaches, DDoS attacks, malware, and other cyber threats. That’s why Azure is the number one choice of high-risk industries like government and health care.

Microsoft’s cloud platform can be challenging as it requires constantly upgrading your knowledge and experience to handle the workload and possible issues.

This is why professionally managed Azure services can simplify the platform for you and allow you to get a lot more with it. Certified Azure solution architects and system administrators provide full management support, like ongoing monitoring, utilization analyses, and maintenance 24/7.

  1. Data backup and disaster recovery

Many companies lack a disaster recovery plan, although it is critical in preventing costly damages and interruptions to their business. Azure can help deal with this issue with its fast and affordable disaster recovery solution.

Its data centers protect you from disasters and help your business be up and running promptly in case of a failure. In case your valuable data gets accidentally deleted or corrupted, this service allows you to recover your business simply and cost-effectively.

And if you run a business that handles sensitive information, you may need improved protection. Azure offers just that in the form of encrypted backups.

Like with all their other services, you only pay for what you use. This means you can easily scale up if your business is growing or downscale if there is any downsizing.

  1. Azure offers a platform for website hosting

Microsoft Azure is a lesser-known newcomer in the field of web hosting services. What sets apart Azure from other providers is that it offers your server automatic scaling based on the fluctuation in your traffic.

Some businesses experience peaks and slower periods in certain parts of the year, and Microsoft’s platform can help with that. During your busy times, surges in traffic won’t be a problem. And when you experience quiet times, you won’t be paying for anything you don’t need due to the usage-based billing.

Azure offers a rich set of features in specific web hosting plans so you can choose the pricing and features that suit your particular business.

You can also back up and replicate your website, so in case it goes down, you can easily restore it. Another perk from Azure is that you can test and prove a new design or functionality on your website before it goes live!

  1. Available industry-specific applications

Azure app service is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) where you can build and manage web and mobile apps for any device or platform. Users can create next-generation apps and put to use plenty of management resources like automatic updates.

Another bonus is that the platform allows companies to optimize their applications through dedicated testing environments.

Azure provides solutions for high-risk industries that handle particularly delicate information. Microsoft’s platform has developed applications to address this type of need.

Besides modern industry-specific apps, the platform offers more features to benefit financial services, government, and other high-risk industries. It also provides offline cloud services, simplified compliance, and individualized security needs.

  1. No hardware required

Many companies are adopting cloud-based infrastructure since on-premises solutions can be resource-intensive in the long run. Owning on-site data storage equipment and maintaining it is accompanied by high costs and ongoing expenses.

Moving your data, your apps, and computing processes to the cloud eliminates the need to invest in on-premise hardware or maintenance. With no on-premise hardware required and no maintenance costs involved, you get to save money for other essential aspects of your business.

And if your business requires private servers for some of the processes, you can opt for a hybrid approach via Azure’s advanced network features.

  1. Subscription models that fit your business’s needs

Azure’s pricing structure is consumption-based, so businesses can use cloud services while having greater control of their IT expenses. Usage-based subscription models allow you to get the best value for your money. Compared to other cloud service vendors, you can expect substantial savings.

Transparent and competitive pricing is one reason why there are more than 90,000 Azure subscriptions every month.

And if you experience any issues or have any concerns, there is around-the-clock support to help you overcome problems.

Finally, it’s worth noting that this tech giant has a massive presence. Its cloud services are available in 140 countries, making it a top choice for companies operating globally.

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