Best CRM Techniques that Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

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Best CRM Techniques that Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Today, customer relationship management software has grown to be one of the largest software markets in the world. It is expected that in the next five years the revenue will shift upwards to 70 million dollars as per estimation.

From mobile CRM to email marketing and everything that comes in between, it is very clear that the solution is not going to fade away anytime soon. Rather, it is going to turn more persistent, slipping into more regular aspects of marketing.

When the relationship between marketing and CRM system strengthens, you may look for implementing the solution in your marketing strategy for the upcoming years.

This is a good choice as CRM can aid a marketer’s life in multiple aspects. It comprises of knowledge management, call center management, marketing automation, enhanced client service, and more.

CRM and Customer Retention

Do you want to hold onto your consumers? Of course you do. Let’s see how online CRM system can maintain and improve customer retention.

  1. The solution helps you to personalize your interactions with clients in various ways.
  2. You can see the entire customer journey from the beginning to end. Also, you can step in and make offers which relate to every step in the journey.
  3. Customize offers that you make leveraging demographic and other segmented data. It enhances the receptivity of the offers.
  4. By going through the feedback and report data you can see which errors you have made so you can plan on enhancements for the next time which will keep your clients coming back for more.

When your organization is ready to adopt CRM solution, we will show you six excellent marketing techniques that you can start using from now.

  1. Social CRM for Significant Interactions

Social CRM is a modern approach of reaching out to your clients through multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Moreover, it includes chat, text, email, along with phone calls, but social media remains on top.

As it is a CRM solution, the marketer already has granular insight into every customer. It enables communications to be more efficient and meaningful.

There is also some other element of social CRM which is equally as essential as conversions and client retention, i.e., customer service. In order to keep your customers happy and satisfied, you should answer their questions and meet their expectations.

But as per Yonyx, a call service organization, it takes place less often than it should. They found out that more than half of organizations do nothing with social CRM client feedback they get.

They also add that a good portion of clients seek social media for customer service purposes. Such platforms can also guide them in purchasing decisions, told more than 20% of respondents. You should not expect that the interactions will always be a positive one, at least not in the initial stage.

Negative comments are common as many clients who seek out your organization will be doing so to complain. But still, if you turn their complaints around, you can see more clients in the long run. When your customers have a good experience with your organization, they will tell about you to their family and friends.

  1. Mobile CRM Continues to Grow Rapidly

Just like the cloud provides us the freedom to target clients and reach out sales objectives around the clock, so does mobile CRM. With the help of a secure mobile app, we can take our clients visibility and marketing campaigns anywhere in our pocket.

According to a survey by Innoppl, you can meet more sales goals with the help of mobile CRM. More than 65 percent of salespeople they surveyed said they were surpassing quotas by leveraging mobile CRM. Whereas, the rest of the respondents who were not using CRM app acquired less sales quotas. Hence, why make marketing more difficult than it has to be?

  1. Predictive Analytics Gives Granular Insights and Points to Improve

Marketing executives want to look into a crystal ball and predict the future. This is the reason there are predictions and trends list for the year. But how appropriate these predictions and trends will be is always a topic for the debate. If you seek for accurate predictions which are actionable too, then turn to your CRM solution.

Predictive analytics use real-time data collected from your clients and leads. Moreover, it can predict areas where you need improvement and the ones in which you excel.

When combined with detailed analytics, your CRM solution gives you a more inclusive picture of marketing campaigns. It enables you to reap success in the future and appeal to your clients in a way which suits them the best.

  1. Automated and Tailored Email Marketing

If you already have a CRM solution, then it is simple to integrate it with your email marketing in order to create comprehensive and converting campaigns.

Moreover, you can receive alerts allowing you to know when a client is opening your emails. Also, it can go deep than this, as you can view what links your customers are mostly receptive to. Such alerts enable you plan the perfect follow-up exactly on the right time.

Robust CRM software can help you in lead nurturing. Customizable email templates comprising of interactive elements that you are sending, the kind of email content your clients want to open and read. Interactive content is anything from small email mini-games to an easy video.

There is also automation, so you can send mass tailored emails to your audience segments. Email and CRM system can integrate to enhance in the social media marketing.

  1. Leverage CRM Contact Fields for Personalization

You can never have multiple processes for making your emails more intimate. One such CRM process you can leverage is known as CRM contact fields. You can easily select a field based on the criteria. Some are.

  1. Place
  2. Job department
  3. How often do they purchase?
  4. Wedding anniversary
  5. Birthday

If you have all these details, then you may also play up to it and leverage it to the fullest in the marketing efforts.

The Bottom Line

As CRM solution is evolving, more and more marketers as well as businessmen are starting to learn about its value and importance. By acquiring complete visibility into your consumer base, you can easily convert leads and maintain your loyal customers.

These CRM techniques will aid you meet your business objectives. CRM automation, email marketing, social media, and more that can succeed can be just right around the corner.


About Author:-

Emma James is a freelance content writer at SutiCRM, who frequently blogs on Business, Marketing, Sales, ERP and SaaS trends.

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