Best Plugin To Add Google Reviews On WordPress 2023

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Best Plugin To Add Google Reviews On WordPress 2023

In this era of the internet, customer reviews hugely drive the purchasing decisions of customers. Before buying any product customers go through all types of reviews to understand and know more about the product. And Google reviews are the most trusted part of the customers’ buying decisions as they are visible and essential testimonials.

On the other hand, WordPress is the most popular website builder. It has helped in building more than 43.3% of the websites on the internet without coding knowledge. Today, businesses are collecting Google reviews and displaying them on their websites to enjoy numerous benefits like website engagement and social proof. And the convenient option to add Google reviews on WordPress website is through Google Review WordPress plugins.

Even after hearing so much about the WordPress Google review plugins, thousands of businesses still need clarification and help in deciding which plugin is best for them. To clarify your confusion this blog has covered a list of 5 best WordPress Google review plugins.

Continue reading this article to learn about them.

Choose Your Plugin Out Of The Best

Before choosing any plugin for displaying the Google review widget on WordPress websitebusinesses must be sure that the review plugin is installed on WordPress which is safe and reliable for them.

The curated list below will help businesses to evaluate which one is best for them to add Google reviews on WordPress website.

# Tagembed Google reviews plugin

The first Google review WordPress plugin on the list is the Tagembed. Tagembed WordPress plugin is one of the best and most highly responsive tools that help everyone embed the Google reviews widget on the WordPress website seamlessly.

Tagembed lets you collect, curate, and embed numerous content from 20+ social media platforms on your website. The best feature is that it lets users collect the best Google reviews to create a Google review widget and display it on the WordPress website easily.

Tagembed provides advanced customization features and comes with various options to design a fully functional review widget as per the preferred style. Tagemebed has one of the most efficient and feasible WordPress plugins as it doesn’t require any coding knowledge to create it.

The advantages and key features of the Tagembed

  • You can use the tool seamlessly- It makes the process of the users simple. Allow users to collect reviews easily. It will save a lot of time as well.
  • It comes with sturdy analytics- It will provide users with reports about the performance of the widget
  • Comes with free plans for its users- With free plans users will give a try to the tool and explore its different features.
  • Leverage of advanced filtering option- It provides users with the option to filter out all the unwanted and useless reviews that they don’t want to integrate.
  • Has 10+ layout options- Let users build a visually appealing widget that will best go with the theme of the website.
  • Update contents automatically- Without any extra effort the contents can be automatically updated to fresh and original content.
  • Rapid and responsive widget- It makes sure the performance of the website doesn’t drop due to the integration of reviews and other content.

# Plugin for Google Reviews

The next plugin tool on the list is the Plugin for Google Reviews. Plugin for Google Reviews lets users easily display Google reviews on the WordPress website by using a public API that has been approved by Google. This has also a seamless and easy process that helps the user to display Google reviews on WordPress correctly.

Now you can simply and effectively build the trust of your customers and also enhance sales by displaying Google review widget on WordPress with the help of Plugin for Google review tool.

To show all the reviews in a single place users have to buy the pro version of the tool. With the pro version, all your reviews will sync automatically. Thus for better results pro version will be a great help. It works on all the major platforms which include Facebook and Yelp as well.

The advantages and key features of Plugin for Google Reviews

  • Don’t take much time to upload- This will save the time of users and they can concentrate on other works.
  • Option to edit the order of the review- Users can able to choose the reviews that they want to show on the top and those they want to show below.
  • Can support multiple languages- In this way users can target audiences of different languages.

# Reviews and Rating: Google My Business

Then comes Reviews and Rating: Google My Business. It lets you display the recent Google reviews with star ratings on your website. With your unique Google Place ID, the Reviews and Ratings plugin can help users collect all the reviews in a structured list or column.

Users can also integrate the relevant review links and Google map listing which will encourage customers to share their reviews on Google. It also lets you gather unlimited reviews and you can display them precisely according to your choice on your website.

The advantages and key features of Reviews and Rating

  • Free plugin no need for an upgrade- This will help the users design review widget according to their preference style without paying anything extra.
  • Top-notch customization option- Create the best plugin using different great features.
  • Included best themes and designs-  Themes and designs help to design a widget that will best fit the preferred style of the website.

# WP Google Review Slider

Another great plugin in the list for displaying Google reviews widget on WordPress is the WP Google Review Slider.  It has a responsive grid. Using this tool users can display their top-rated reviews in a nice way.

This plugin will let users show dates and ratings in the template. It even helps you to hide the reviews that have no text. WP Google Review Slider also comes with a customization option.

The advantages and key features of  WP Google Review Slider

  • Let users trim longer reviews- This will help the users show only the important parts of the reviews.
  • Will pick for certain reviews- This will help users display only the reviews that are best.
  • Supports multiple locations, languages, and social pages- In this way, it will be easy for the users to target numerous audiences at a time.

# Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

The last review plugin in the list is the Customer Review for WooCommerce. Users can design a great-looking review section for their online store with this WordPress review plugin. You can automate reminders for your customers about leaving their reviews regarding the purchase they have recently made from your online store.

Display positive reviews and ratings in the Google search with the help of this plugin. This also works great with Google Shopping as well.

The Advantages and Key Features of Customer Review for WooCommerce

  • Manually set emails for review reminders- Users will automatically get to know when any review is updated by customers.
  • Import and export reviews- Users can able to import and export reviews of their choice.


Businesses can enjoy a lot of advantages of the WordPress Google review plugin. Customer reviews are very important as they are the best testimonials that talk about the customer’s point of view. Applying the correct plugin for displaying Google reviews on WordPress can help your business grow credibility and trustworthiness. 5 of the best Google review plugins have been explained in this article. Go through them one by one and choose the best one as per your requirements and skyrocket your business.

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