Excel to VCF Converter Application to Export XLS/XLSX into vCard Format

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From past few years I was using MS Excel workbook to store my contacts and information. Though Microsoft Excel is a commonly platform which used to store and manage a large amount of data, however, opting this way to store contacts is now an old trend. Additionally, Excel file does not allow me to share the contacts separately via email or any other medium. On the other hand, vCard files can easily store a single contact in the standard form that can be shared or transferred over computers and networks. Also, vCard files are highly compatible with various devices, online and offline email clients and are capable to store name, address, contacts number, email address, and many other contact information. Hence, recently I decided to import all my contacts from Excel to vCard file format. Then, I executed some manual methods to accomplish the task but manually doing this, is a quite lengthy procedure. Thus, finally decided to take help from a third-party application and I got Excel to VCF Converter. I was very impressed by the working of this software so thought to share my experience with other users who are looking for a perfect solution to convert Excel contacts to vCard format without having any trouble.

SysTools Excel to vCard software comes with several key features which makes a user to work with the application in a hassle-free way. Here, I will discuss some of those pertinent characteristics in brief.

Salient Features of Excel to VCF Converter

Load and Preview Excel File

After browsing and adding an XLS or XLSX data file, the tool automatically generates a quick preview of whole Excel file. Users can read every row and column with its respective information. In addition, Excel to vCard Converter Software is capable to load multiple Excel sheets at a time so that, users can see the content of the entire pages that are available in it separately.

Excel to vCard Conversion

The software enables users to convert several contacts of Excel spreadsheet into VCF file in a single attempt. The Excel to VCF Converter allows data mapping through which users can export all fields of an Excel file in resultant vCard file. The utility can create single VCF for every contact that is present in Excel spreadsheet.

Export Excel in 3 VCF Editions

Users can convert Excel contacts into vCard 2.1,3.0, and 4.0 version on the basis of their requirements and choice. Excel file to vCard Converter software permit users to generate a single vCard file that is consolidated with all contacts of the desired Excel data sheet.

Supports VCF Accepted Device

After generating vCard from Excel spreadsheets, users can simply import these files into their various devices such as Outlook, WhatsApp, Smartphones, Samsung, and in iPhone for the further utilization of Excel contacts. Outlook application installation is not compulsory to import contacts from Excel to VCF file format.

Map Excel and vCard Sections

The tool offers mapping option to convert the data of every column of Excel file to vCard format. After scanning and loading the entire Excel file, XLSX to VCF Converter list the whole columns in the drop-down menu of Excel field. Users are allowed to choose each column name from Excel field and the linked name from the vCard characteristics menu to map the columns.

Save Output File in any Location

The Excel to VCF Converter converts the Excel contacts to vCard and then, by default stores the resultant vCard files on the desktop. However, if users are required to save the resultant VCF file(s) into the desired location then, they can do this via browsing for an alternate destination location on the local machine.

Excel to vCard Converter Software Availability

The Excel to vCard Converter is available in two different versions. First is Demo version which can be downloaded without any cost, and the other is Licensed version, which can be purchased or upgraded from the trial version also.

Demo/Trial Version: The trial version of this application is configured by the organization to help users with the free experiment of the Excel to vCard Converter. As the name expresses that it is the freeware version and can be easily used after downloading. Through this edition, users can export Excel to vCard, open and export first 5 char of email address, and can export first 8 char of contact Number.

Licensed/Purchased Version: The full version of this tool is available in three different editions: Personal, Business, and Enterprise. Where each one is designed for a single user, small organizations with the fewer number of workers and for large organizations.


  • Does not support on Mac Operating Systems

Final Verdict

As tool has a simple graphical user interface and quick operation speed. Hence, I recommend this utility to all users who are required to export Excel contacts to vCard file format, in order to access VCF format in any other email client or phone.

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