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IOT : A new dimension in the modern world

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Modern technology and machineries have been long at work to make our life both better and effortless in a way that was not even imaginable before. The comforts that it is providing us today seem to be so inherent and in-built in our lives that if taken away our lives would come to a standstill. This is how closely these systems and so called machines have taken a place in our lives and in a way in our hearts.

This progress or kind of development that has basically succumbed us into this wide world of technology was not possible if the machines were not able to sense or connect to us or each other in a way they are doing at the present moment.

To get started with how things have changed so much and have reached a level so high that seems like they have been there from the start and arranged for us by a celestial body. IOT stands for Internet of Things, it is a means of connection between the different systems and machines that exist at the present moment with each other and us, humans.

We, with our growing needs and increasing importance for time were left to ponder to make a system or protocol so advanced and hi-fi that things and processes and decisions were made on its own by systems and machines. For all of these events to take place we needed a medium or substance in which the machines could learn and overall grow in making decisions. As humans we grow and learn by meeting different people of even different interests and opinions. we study their attributes and then finally gain enough knowledge to come with the best possible decision for the impending situation.

IOT A new dimension in the modern world

Machines are quite similar, but their means of connection among themselves was not that great that could actually help them develop into a smarter, more efficient machine. Internet of things is the perfect platform for connecting machines and exchange of data among them.  The modern world has grown so fast and with such diversity and underlying foundations all due to the brilliant and powerful qualities of the Internet. Internet has helped in not only connecting the human population among each other but also machines.

Internet of things is basically the idea of controlling, monitoring and linking data and information from different objects wirelessly so that they could be monitored or controlled from a remote location , typically using a mobile application. Many of the categories that we thought were useless or not productive have emerged and helped the human population immensely. The tech of wearables is only a starter in the long menu of IOT products. Wearable smartwatches, shoes, glasses have been developed in coherence with all the other gadgets that are prevalent in our daily lives. Wearable technology has helped in maintaining health a lot better by tracking our time of exercise, our postures , our daily habits and our busy schedules.

Rooms have been installed with smart thermostats that can change or maintain the environment of a particular place remotely by using just a few taps on our smartphones. They are able to sense your presence to turn on appliances like lights and based on your data from wearable tech that includes whether you are coming from a hot environment or exercise and adjust smartly even before you feel the urge to do something by yourself.

In essence, this is the ultimate summit or apex point of all technology, isn’t it? , to be able to do the things we want without us having to put any effort or direction to the machines that need to do that stuff for us. We can easily say if IoT continues to grow at this rapid rate with encouragement from both the consumer and producers side, we can in a few years create cities or entire populations of area as useful and big at a level never imagined before.

For that to happen IoT needs to secure its basis at a few fronts so that they are no longer objectionable on technical or ethical grounds.

First of all as the market for IoT is increasing so is their production houses. More and more companies are trying to get their products to adapt to this new platform and add an extra dimension to their capabilities. What they are failing to do as a community or fraternity is that they building several different protocols with no or very little support for cross platform communication or exchange of data. They in trying to build up their own consumer market and hype their own products are discouraging users at secluding customers into choosing either this or that rather than providing them with the best of all available platforms. When a consumer is so involved into one eco-system of products and services it becomes very difficult and outright inconvenient for the user to either switch or add into their list of devices a one which is incompatible. If IoT needs to stand out as a breakthrough at a much more higher level and make its way into the mainstream this caveat needs to be removed or at least minimized.

One other shortcoming or dubious matter that arises on the consumer front is that IoT devices to work at their optimum functionality need to be connected and ON all the time. These devices need as much data as possible to make sure that they have as bigger set of sample or testing data so that all its algorithms work at their full pace and disregard any anomaly that may arise. The consumers may be a little worried that such autonomous machines or algorithms are handed over with so much data that may in return compromise their privacy or secrecy. The consumers need to take a leap of faith and put their trust in the companies or services that are providing these facilities for a smarter future. This puts an immense amount of responsibility on the companies to use this data as a sacred tool only for the betterment of the future of our generations to come.



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