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Perils of Technology Redefine Society

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Perils of Technology Redefine Society

Mass media has had immense influence on the world for a longtime. This dates back to the discovery of television, which was graced as a good technology as it facilitated entertainment and information to many households. However, the trend with mass media is slowly changing because it is transforming from being beneficial to endangering society in many aspects. Thus, many scholars have explored how the perils of technology redefine society and they have come up with various arguments either in support of the trend or disgracing technology. The first point regarding how the perils of technology redefine society negatively includes how people are so engrossed with technology at the moment. This is a bad trend, which makes people lack interest with the natural occurrences and stay glued on their phones. Secondly, technology has affected education a big deal; thus, the poor performance by students. Thirdly, technology has disrupted the reading culture as people prefer televisions to books. Contradicting arguments also abound regarding technology as some people deem technology as a blessing because it improves people’s lives in one way or the other.

Thus, technology and television watching is cool although it has to be done sparingly.

Firstly, it is essential to note how the values of the society have changed since technologies came up. It is explained that in the past people used to spend their free time interacting with one another. However, people’s social lives have changed significantly with the discovery of technologies such as smart phones and television. Some scientists points this out  whereby they are exasperated with people’s dependence on technology. They explain that they find it disrespectful when a speaker is giving a talk, and people are not paying attention because of been occupied in their phones. Thus, a negative effect of technology depicts from that statement, which means that technology deviates people’s attention from what is significant. This applies to most people nowadays especially the young who enjoy the fun from social sites such as Face book and Twitter. Additionally, technology such as phone facilitates instant messaging, which makes people lazy to go and visit each other as they prefer to chat via text.

Technology has also redefined society negatively as it has lowered student’s performance in exams. Currently, many phones grace the technology market and these phones come in various versions every other year.  Phones that can connect to the GPRS can access the internet, and this has changed the attitude of students a big deal. Research indicates that students do not study as hard as they did in the mid 19th century, and this is attributed to the discovery of the television set. When television was launched to the market, many people welcomed the idea and saw it as a blessing as it increased the social status of those who could afford it plus providing the family with entertainment. However, since the 1960s, student’s performance in SATs has significantly dropped in terms of points and this is blamed on television watching.

Technology has also contributed to the change of the societal norms such as reading. There were revealed amazing factors such as the fact that from a research done on students, it was established that a percentage of them who are bright and use television as an educator, passed their exams. This means that televisions contribute somewhat positively to the society, but it should be noted that they make students lazy. Many students tend to use short-cut to get information instead of them going to libraries to read. Televisions are used for watching movies that are made from novels and other stories. Students prefer watching a movie to reading as it only takes few hours and avails entertainment as well. The internet has also contributed to laziness and cheating amongst students. Students prefer downloading assignments from the internet instead of doing extensive research on the assigned topic. This is a trend that should be dealt away with because students lose their information searching capabilities and movies do not allow them an opportunity to learn more vocabularies the way a book can.

Television watching has also promoted many vices in the society. Many families have problems within them because members of that family spend a lot of time on television and do not spare sometime for their family members. This leads to feeling of rejection and quarrels because members of the family do not set aside sometime to iron out their differences. Television watching should not be prioritized over other leisure activities such as playing games or having conversations. The prioritizing of television watching has led children who are too mature and too disturbed.

It is evident that technology has impacted negatively on the society in various aspects. As outlined above, technology has contributed to laziness and a drop in student’s scores in their SATs. Besides, technology has contributed to disrespectful behavior by students who are engrossed with their phones and do not pay attention when been addressed. Technology has also contributed to family problems especially in those families that do not spare some time to solve small matters afflicting them.


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