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Repair Damaged EDB to PST File Format in Best Possible Way

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Repair Damaged EDB to PST File

MS Exchange is a widely used emailing platform nowadays despite being troubled by so many errors. It is used by most of the organizations to maintain an efficient and smooth flow of business communication. It also offers great feasibility and flexibility to the users while they are accessing their mailbox data. However, to save the mailbox data, Microsoft Exchange relies on its database file i.e. EDB file. If the Exchange database file gets damaged then it creates a problem for the users as the mailbox data is no more accessible to the user. Therefore, the solution to recover corrupted EDB to PST file is discussed in this blog.

Factors Responsible Behind Damaged EDB File

The email client might display error message many times due to some known or unknown reasons. When the Exchange Server displays errors then the mailbox data becomes inaccessible for the users. These errors may affect the working of Exchange Server in long run. Although, there could be several reasons possible due to which the Exchange database files get corrupted. Some of the most common reasons are mentioned in the following section:

  • Network Failure
  • Malware attack
  • Virus attack
  • Improper termination of the email application

After knowing the most common factors responsible for corruption. Let us now find out solutions to repair damaged Exchange EDB file to PST Outlook.

Manual Method to Recover Corrupted EDB to PST Format

Users can use an inbuilt application i.e. Isinteg available in Microsoft Exchange which helps users to search for integrity weakness in the offline information store. The issues and errors which are detected by Isinteg are repaired easily. However, the utility can be used through Command Prompt. But, before using this tool, a user should first perform the following tasks:

  • Create Replica of Exchange Database – Before starting the repair process, a user should first create a duplicate of the Exchange database. If someone, doesn’t know the storage location of the database file then he/she can take help of Exchange Server Manager. After accessing the properties of the database, users are directly redirected to the DB page where a list of paths and file names are given.
  • Dismount Exchange Database – Users should make sure that the EDB file which they want to recover is dismounted properly from the Exchange Server or not. To confirm, follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Launch EMC i.e. Exchange Management Console on the system.
  2. Go directly to the Organization Configuration.
  3. Now, click on Mailbox and then go to Database Management Tab.
  • In the current tab, check the file in the mounted column that the file is properly dismounted or not. If not, then right click on the data and select Dismount Database command.

Note – While performing steps to repair damaged EDB to PST, first confirm that there is at least 20% of the size of total database empty space is left.

After performing the recovery using Isinteg command, now users can convert corrupted EDB file to PST using ExMerge.exe utility. For this, you should first install the application in the system. After that perform the following steps:

  • Launch ExMerge.exe and sign in the Exchange Server.
  • An Exchange Mailbox Wizard will be displayed. Click Next to proceed.
  • After that, choose the procedure from two different option which are displayed.
  • Now, choose Extract data from Exchange Server option. After that, click Next.
  • A Data Selection Criteria dialog box will appear.
  • Now, select Import Procedure and then select Archive Data to target store. Click OK.
  • Click on Message Details and fill all the necessary details and click Next.
  • A window will appear with the list of mailboxes which contains the Server. Now, select the Exchange Server which you want to transfer and hit Next.
  • Select the desired storage location and click on Next button.
  • A progress bar will appear after that.
  • Once the conversion completes, hit Finish.

Note – This application fails in case if users are using Exchange 2007.

Automated Solution to Recover Corrupted EDB to PST Format

The manual methods which are explained in the above section are too time-consuming and require so many efforts. Another demerit of the manual method is that if the Exchange EDB file is highly damaged then these solutions fail to fix the file. So, it is always suggested to use best Exchange Server Repair and Recovery Tool so that users can easily restore damaged EDB File to PST Outlook. The automated solution is designed specially to fix high-intensity corruption and it does not enforce any file size limitation as well.

Observational Verdict

Damaged Exchange database file cannot be ignored at all as users will then notice performance issues in their email application. After understanding the need of the users, a manual method to recover corrupted EDB to PST file is discussed. If the mentioned manual method does not work, then an expert solution is also explained to make the restoration process easy and effortless.

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