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Top Platforms for Utmost Digital Learning Content Creation

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Top Platforms for Utmost Digital Learning Content Creation

With the growth of the internet and ease of access to quality learning materials, the educational landscape has drastically changed over the years. Whether you are a life-long learner, an online teacher or an educational startup CEO, finding the right platform for your education activities is of outmost importance.

According to Best Colleges, 69% of online students are career-oriented individuals, with 47% stating that on-campus lectures and activities are what drove them away from traditional education in 2018. The trends in educational content delivery are evolving and shifting towards the digital landscape. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most superior platforms for you to consider and create cutting-edge digital learning content for your student body going forward.

  1. Lynda

Lynda is a very popular and well-established online learning platform. It provides an extensive learning content creation platform for tutors and educators of different calibers. You can sign up as a content creator and start publishing learning content once your credentials and ID have been checked out. The fields covered on Lynda range from IT and graphic design to business and history courses depending on your area of expertise. It’s also possible to moonlight as a life-long learner at Lynda, so that your own education doesn’t suffer as a result of creating new content.

  1. Docebo

While Docebo is different than Lynda, it can provide you and your students with an exquisite set of learning tools and services. Docebo differentiates its learning platform through the use of AI algorithms, meaning that you can semi-automate your teaching and mentoring activities. However, the platform will require you to attract students from outside sources and link them back to your created digital learning content by yourself. This is a small discrepancy for an otherwise outstanding educational and on-boarding platform.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan is a non-profit online learning platform focusing on all-around education and enlightenment. It allows both students and teachers to engage with numerous topics, fields and categories of knowledge depending on your expertise and interests. Khan’s offering ranges from historical and scientific studies to life skills such as accounting and personal finance education. You can pitch in as a teacher and create content to be shared with the world or attend one of the classes yourself and earn points and badges in Khan’s gamified educational environment.

  1. Udemy

As trends in learning change, online platforms are required to meet those expectations. Udemy does so in spades, allowing for a plethora of teaching plans depending on the scale of your operation. You can create and post courses for a general audience or invite your own student body for private study sessions. Coupled with writing platforms such as Trust My Paper, Grab My Essay and WoWGrade, Udemy can be used to deliver extensive educational materials in a number of content types to your students with ease and accessibility. It’s also quite easy to collaborate with other teachers and tutors in order to bring a higher degree of quality to students.

  1. Skillshare

Skillshare is another popular online learning platform with a positive reputation. It is perfectly suited for creation and distribution of courses based on niche industries and skills which are otherwise not very sought after. What separates Skillshare from other learning platforms is the innate capability for practical content integration. You can create exercises, tests and other practical materials for your students to engage and learn from. This makes the educational process more hands-on than what is typically found on digital learning platforms.

  1. Code Academy

Programming and IT industries are a popular choice of studies for young and aspiring individuals. However, covering the costs of multiple years of college education isn’t something many can afford. Code Academy is the perfect place to create and host your coding, programming and web-based digital learning content. It features a gamified progression system and covers a plethora of languages including PHP, Java, Python and others. This could be a great opportunity to reaffirm your knowledge by teaching others how to code, so make sure to keep Code Academy in mind.

  1. General Assembly

As the name suggests, the General Assembly covers a wide range of industries which offer competitive employment opportunities. Fields such as UX design, software engineering, data science and others are present and accounted for. You can set up a company profile and start sharing your knowledge with others through carefully curated content creation systems present on the platform. It’s also possible to network with other teachers and students in order to expand your own knowledge, connections and expertise making it a win-win scenario.

  1. Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe is well-known in the design industry as the leading platform for visual content creation. Their Captivate Prime platform is centered on digital learning and LMS, making it easy for tutors and industry professionals to share knowledge. Thanks to intricate AI management algorithms, courses can be rolled out quickly and precisely as you intended them to be. These can then be shared to student groups or published on Adobe’s own learning platform for the public to utilize.

  1. Iversity

While not a novel concept, Iversity allows you to create your own online academy and branch courses into different sub-courses. This allows for full control and curation of digital learning content in terms of what it is that you want to teach. The platform offers state-of-the-art digital content security, meaning that none of your materials will ever be taken off the site by malicious third-parties to be distributed illicitly. It offers cross-platform cloud sync for students which will allow you more freedom in exploring different teaching methods as a tutor.

  1. Coursera

Lastly, Coursera is a platform notable for its collaboration with predominant US-based institutions. Coursera is an innovative high-grade learning platform used by many companies around the globe for employee learning and onboarding. As such, it can help you achieve new heights in terms of creating digital learning content. It covers a variety of industries including AI, digital marketing and other modern fields which can help you hone your skills as a content creator and teacher.

In Summary

There are plenty of learning platforms on the market for you to choose from. However, pinpointing the perfect candidate suited for your teaching style and long-term plans is a matter of trial-and-error. Give a few of these platforms a shot and see if you can find common ground in terms of content creation and benefits for you as an educator. Before you know it, you will have found your silver bullet in terms of learning content creation and the right students will find their way to your courses easily after the fact.


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